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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: June 01, 2008
Location: The Amphitheater at Clark County, Ridgefield, Washington, USA

Disc 1
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T01.flac:3674eab51fca4b1b7fb 1c9690e3d5771
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T02.flac:1e2ca5a9136283cc263 2a1a7cc0a4b75
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T03.flac:b3ba5064aea9fa635d1 848604cd293cb
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T04.flac:7119b5cb6eb759d5632 50612d5711671
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T05.flac:ae7e2d1997e04828646 e76ff71cc8967
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T06.flac:135575d6fe75726df21 c4c8e53141a54
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T07.flac:5bd18316b1dd3d5ab52 4c43b9d93d709
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T08.flac:412fda410f129e1e19f 48f093cc8be36
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T09.flac:a94b432cbce0b607080 c63a00e280e23
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T10.flac:ca0d04247f7ae985cf3 481ae9e0f8f40
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T11.flac:1dce26801fe31fde748 ce509bfbba4f2
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T12.flac:e4825f1d43de3f32244 f21b305aaba34
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T13.flac:d94a1acea9b5a3eae70 a250557a32152
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D1T14.flac:c975c8d2816d60bfdd8 cee8e144ad2d2

Disc 2
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T01.flac:79fefdf94617263a424 187af13b4db25
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T02.flac:115b6fdaff8a20fa9cf ef6698cb4efbf
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T03.flac:1f44f1b13c059de6d68 13f071a0c52db
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T04.flac:10faa7d2c20db50fe28 f6d978bbececa
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T05.flac:db90f51c86a576a1a64 8501abd1feb5e
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T06.flac:54c22eff63572efc8ea 79fa80f8141ef
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T07.flac:0dbe8a387acee272b16 ab1c9aec0f6b5
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T08.flac:767fab4ed1def7d2dc5 70229dc773766
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T09.flac:ca7138f52465c2bded2 ef26633b92bd8
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T10.flac:a498ec3581687aabedf 2a59489a7d02f
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D2T11.flac:6c530b5b1cffe520e6c 9c4dd4d187b6c

Disc 3
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D3T01.flac:fa04e5a824b915f9af4 cb532e68c5bed
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D3T02.flac:d1db2c72890828383e7 b0c5cfab31e2d
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D3T03.flac:50a14adc257d6a47892 9636ce1507e88
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D3T04.flac:06bd302510be8182045 593a7a2fc200c
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D3T05.flac:f6f6e589de58d2f0f31 b561c75da57da
2008_06_01_Rush_IBB_D3T06.flac:6adfa6595c80cd91ae5 2396cfda28154

IBB back.jpg
IBB disc1.jpg
IBB disc2.jpg
IBB disc3.jpg
IBB front.jpg
IBB gatefold.jpg

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Taper Notes

Lineage: Edirol R-09 > Core Sounds Mics > CD Wave Editor > WAV > FLAC 8 > You
Location: 14th row Alex side
Taper/Mastering: zoso-shane69
Text/Encoding: crazyrunner
Artwork: nephronic

As I fade from Multiple sclerosis I'm going down in style! An hour into our 2 hour trek to Ridgefield my buddy Jason looked over at me then my feet and uttered the immortal title of this bootleg. Resting at my feet were mushrooms, weed, morphine and beer. Illegal Beyond Belief indeed. That said by the time we rolled into the venue I thought I saw a piper and the race was on to mellow out and get ready to tape. I think I did and the tapes turned out better than last years "Snakes and Urinals" and "Alex Wails, Alex Questions".

Saw them in Vancouver 3 nights prior and these guys are simply amazing. Can only I hope I get one more chance to see the 2nd greatest band of all time!

THANK YOU GoD at Dime for all things Rush. This kind soul has done more for the Rush community than anyone.


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