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Union Of The Snake Volume 21


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 66:32 49:36 44:52
Catalog: The Unholy Alliance: TUA-021
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 14, 2007
Location: MEN Arena, Manchester, England

d8023ebbaa5587ceb27ad893d5b2a1b1 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t01.flac
4ef58c4818471faa6518600ddd4109af *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t02.flac
a93174d70de9308bea47c4b41373a09b *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t03.flac
35cc117f54d259deaa9cc958bc0212eb *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t04.flac
96dd8c059a483e545b6b6f952b4c3c61 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t05.flac
9eaaccb80f2d84ed8e51aa5f848482e9 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t06.flac
0355fbfb103701e4d58b6721bda83bd2 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t07.flac
ca61b629370a4b0c156272ffc4bfc413 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t08.flac
0b452683d59377f682db7dd3630731d0 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t09.flac
6a737728fe2a57d76f85f04d6bca2181 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t10.flac
ca76d41d969a068f1102c953f11fb7c0 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t11.flac
17cb6db2bb6013d8bd6e7de37400849a *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d1t12.flac
18a6603b7f16162708aeeff95b8c4afd *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t01.flac
fd899dcff5af416aaef454552addf1cb *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t02.flac
171209d767e958870231f69b4e259a5e *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t03.flac
aec39c4022cdf9f86a85aff620c3dab7 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t04.flac
dd50734b0ca3443fb3cb7fdb34b961c5 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t05.flac
2071310e4f625145bd7ae134cccc58c7 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t06.flac
cd0d3ff8cff2bd8e64df3d03085a268b *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t07.flac
2c8ddf8c514aa60cfe006be8dc8fda8f *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t08.flac
afe888d61e18f1d4f025344feaff27a6 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d2t09.flac
774af93e2feb0eb85db18bc3e5e90759 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t01.flac
96186c4081cb38dcc7cea8938d25c7ce *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t02.flac
80ecc32212f56235f594a54b8a9b003c *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t03.flac
45d9cc1bf39495b2dac4e06e41a43e7d *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t04.flac
de2162d6441237cc9ab603f2767bec25 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t05.flac
a1abac1c960614b1880f2c44ee1fc793 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t06.flac
f9aafed07b94c632a18cc9ba671bd3c1 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t07.flac
c3eff591d49821422cfa83fce7b47021 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t08.flac
1b0b2badccf3ad67af4ba374707ce7d6 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t09.flac
fc19675f20b57a7242c93f42e625bee7 *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t10.flac
1529e0580982699e54882610be5da9db *Rush_2007-10-14_UotSV21_d3t11.flac

UOTS21 back.jpg
UOTS21 disc1.jpg
UOTS21 disc2.jpg
UOTS21 disc3.jpg
UOTS21 front.jpg
UOTS21 gatefold.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9

   (Audio - 9)

Recording info

Sony MZ-NH1 -- SP1 (107Hz) -- AT829

Mastering notes:
It was not thought that this recording was going to see the light of day as a full
Union Of The Snake release.
There were problems with the raw recording which manifested itself as a series of
very nasty clicks and pops appearing throughout the show.
However, after some work I have eliminated or suppressed these and managed to get
something very listenable.
There are a few small inconsistencies and glitches here and there as a result but
nothing that should spoil your enjoyment of the show.
The second set intro and the first few seconds of Far Cry are missing, they were
both lost in a sea of clicks and pops and could not be retrieved.
Also missing for the same reason is the outro to the second set.
The mastering consisted of the hard-limiting, multi-band compression normalising
and a last minute request from JimmyG to lift the bass a little.


Tapers notes:
Recorded from the legendary TNMS/EUCON section - Block 102, which was a tiered
section on Alex's side.
I was second row, roughly in line with the front row on the floor.
Block 102 was really jumping that night and it got a lot of attention from Alex
and his crew!
As with my Wembley show the mics were under the lapels which kept audience noise
fairly minimal.
Thanks to The Old Dog for lending me the gear again and a big thanks to
BaldiePete for recovering this show as I had assumed it wouldn't be releasable.
Overall I am really pleased with the sound of this one, think the bass is better
than my Wembley show and don't think the glitches spoil it at all.


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This recording was produced by fans for fans.
Do trade or distribute this show in mp3.
Do not sell ever.

This recording has been checked for SBE.

Please share and trade freely in your own fan base domain.
Support the artist and always buy official releases.
And always get this text file you know

BaldiePete and JimmyG
Released August 2008

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