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R4 : Red Rocks Rush Redux - RAW


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Clue69Less Productions: CP-001/002/003
Source: Audience Master
Date: June 25, 2008
Location: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, Colorado, USA

01-01 - Bad Dreams video.flac:b178e2e71b28d487a4685a096cf71394
01-02 - Limelight.flac:70bf69396dcbf01da6a27afcaec44a29
01-03 - Digital Man.flac:5200520ebca86836454515360f2d9b80
01-04 - Ghost Of A Chance.flac:3c112026408f8c7175ee45a781e65fd0
01-05 - Mission.flac:a63960bbd32c6ca715c189dcf948a334
01-06 - Freewill.flac:3b39a9d7e3e21e2aa42fc40dcd6e2b7d
01-07 - The Main Monkey Business.flac:543e62fd96681e116971259dc5c6f10c
01-08 - McKenzie Brothers video.flac:8920b821a6e3750c3bc409cc3b875e70
01-09 - The Larger Bowl.flac:253face45c7899b2b5d9ebfc1c51bd67
01-10 - Red Barchetta.flac:d997a7fea8cffdda06f3771af21c01fd
01-11 - The Trees.flac:7c617a3649bfb669771a3a22597b5dea
01-12 - Between The Wheels.flac:7d77b14f47bb3358040e57879a2a859b
01-13 - Dreamline.flac:3b718a3e7253e9c2d2c67eacd7233454
02-01 - Far Cry.flac:bfd1cacefe85310f8b2fe0eefb34c7d5
02-02 - Working Them Angels.flac:3af32090a473490694f65d301ae86fce
02-03 - Armor And Sword.flac:2827da322dd5ed3398c41f3a2ae0d120
02-04 - Spindrift.flac:7bb43be4dd8f11e5f433f9683e5cfd56
02-05 - The Way The Wind Blows.flac:b6f89066c9068c90a26980d2d392cf7f
02-06 - Subdivisions.flac:bd3b7a655d388303fa97de09cde0c541
02-07 - Natural Science.flac:34b564312f0b2aa95b239d933e601bc1
02-08 - Witch Hunt.flac:ab760dda3d6073a1598756ffe7e49d7b
02-09 - Malignant Narcissism.flac:cb13113dd9839263b8a70862c4174c70
02-10 - De Boot Slagwerker.flac:9923fea05c1a235fa61fffbabbd506b7
03-01 - Hope.flac:36ba7f61d25f10e3a24bf432805e5c84
03-02 - The Spirit Of Radio.flac:0c397321448d8eca9c9d9a92bc7001ae
03-03 - 2112 (Overture & The Temples Of Syrinx).flac:45b5b3a332e68d3fbbfce91bfd3544d6
03-04 - South Park video.flac:6fa3189eb9d4bb3055ffbf009e14c768
03-05 - Tom Sawyer.flac:fef34bd4afa88168d8182ff498e4b588
03-06 - One Little Victory.flac:cd64ef56abf90614837323629d0c87e3
03-07 - A Passage To Bangkok.flac:885e013788b79cab8400dc401de08f29
03-08 - YYZ.flac:9834139a3c863f22e4e2d3345f3a24de
03-09 - This Is Most Unusual video.flac:b25aec5cdf0f62a45a6183506f6cbcb0

R4 Red Rocks Rush Redux RAW Back.jpg
R4 Red Rocks Rush Redux RAW Back.png
R4 Red Rocks Rush Redux RAW Front.jpg
R4 Red Rocks Rush Redux RAW Front.png

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Taper Notes

Taper: Clue69Less
Lineage: (2) Audio Technica mini condensor mics > Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder (16-bit/44.1-kHz .wav) > computer > Nero burner (4x) > Memorex LightScribe DVD+R > computer > CoolEditPro2 (track splitting) > Traders Little Helper (.wav > .flac) (SBE check, passed)

....I managed to get pretty much the whole show from the 9th row. I used a Zoom H4 with two Audio Technica mini condensor mics sticking out holes in my hat. I recorded 16/44.1 wav. I've only listened to bits on headphones but it sounds decent or better....
....I'm just getting around to editing and mastering. Overall the sound is better than I first thought. At times the wind added considerable noise and sort of phasey sounds but that's life. I'm tempted to pull down the low end for my own copy but I'll probably just mail out unedited files unless people specifically ask for edited files....
... I think the increased volume of set 2 was too much for my mics. I've got some phasey sound even on tracks that I know I kept my head very still on....


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