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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-107
Source: Audience Master
Date: May 29, 2008
Location: General Motors Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Disc #1 
ac5e979255f7d486e5659a2f5d10b997 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T01.flac 
4891513bff8b46a40806204d562b2a1e *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T02.flac 
9b4b98a5de4389c4ad6bf1cc727d6d9d *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T03.flac 
23b6979ac9399cee3ae45ca8078b280c *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T04.flac 
758f9deb467362ca153fc24a69383195 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T05.flac 
3ed4d8915452db574de40fac04c54958 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T06.flac 
3a0f3c9db06af406dc60a6b64a631ebe *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T07.flac 
5a8cc79690d3ce0c97d257d4ec8005d5 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T08.flac 
fd827678306e3a99aa012c53a9ecbb5f *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T09.flac 
c08e1d6b8de6032337b4527717337212 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T10.flac 
bb6270bd5e2253bbb420bd5b3cebe3a0 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T11.flac 
eae59de05cab2eeae8ff0d23b301e33b *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D1T12.flac 

Disc #2 
fda8028bd7a8f5168d2bb09c23d1742e *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T01.flac 
ba8d7ced2e9891ee953783b71d0e316b *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T02.flac 
b33a3459a6fb7160cfa2c40b11cf9281 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T03.flac 
817489c1f9ba6c81ac85128595728364 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T04.flac 
bc7354324cd50409e3732d5fa713f240 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T05.flac 
5cde4726c8a7ec5c1a926b285e8a22ee *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T06.flac 
631f47c05f919841f500870ca5f93d53 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T07.flac 
c991cea38db8a2902d3022ae08649b66 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T08.flac 
067890007dd0aeaac5e341d76a1edc8e *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T09.flac 
89e8f492155b2096144c32dcd63b24f2 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T10.flac 
a9d63326da0a89b67b629085d12235c4 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D2T11.flac 

Disc #3 
66638440f1b16bf4e82adb6b23985418 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D3T01.flac 
1c3a6f5f2ef99440bcd1bedafa4e1369 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D3T02.flac 
21c0873906720be46c34c3be891a7835 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D3T03.flac 
00ceece7e52669524b6ccc71a59724e6 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D3T04.flac 
bfd795889fbd9fa4c197a9a36d29da4a *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D3T05.flac 
9538101a182a270b813a13dcff06b731 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D3T06.flac 
d997189962e43d0bb33f8d1e97dedc21 *2008_05_29_Rush_tWtSB_D3T07.flac

2008 05 29 Rush TWtSB Back.pdf
2008 05 29 Rush TWtSB Front.pdf

Average Rating:


I hope you enjoy this show. It turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. Crank it up and hear for yourself. The first few seconds after the intro are a bit "bumpy" as I was making adjustments and people were still finding their seats. But overall, it cranks.

This was a "joint" project - recorded by me, mastered by Simple Man and the artwork contribution comes from kylemcm. Thanks guys, couldn't have done it without you and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

This recording is dedicated to my good friends at the Rush Hub. If you guys were beer, I'd drink every one of you :)

July 2008

Production Notes
A very nice show from the second leg of the S&A tour. One of the nice things I’ve discovered in working on the S&A shows, whether the first or the second leg, is how nice they sound. The VT and R30 shows were VERY bass heavy in my opinion but the S&A shows haven’t been….that is until this one. I have to assume since this was an indoor venue the sound wasn’t “tweaked” as much as it could have been at the soundboard and hence it ended up sounding rather bass heavy. However with the good ear of Cymbaline69, that was all taken care of and now you have the quality recording you have come to expect from Cymbaline69. In fact, an extra special big thank you must go to Cymbaline69, part of the SMP team. Cymbaline69 has become a regular contributor to for SMP releases and it is greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing so all can enjoy!

Thanks goes out to Kylemcm for the really nice artwork.

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released July 2008 on The Alien Shore - As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.

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