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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 68:12, 62:24, 38:22
Catalog: SolitaryPine Productions: SP010
Source: Audience Master
Date: July 11, 2008
Location: Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

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d1 inner sleeve.jpg
d2 inner sleeve.jpg
d3 inner sleeve.jpg

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Tapers Notes

Taper/Mastering/Artwork: SolitaryPine
Photos: Various TRF members: LakesideMaiden, kbomb106 and other who wish to remian anonymous
Location: Section 122, Row F
Config: Audience stealth in hat
Source: CSB w/Bass Rolloff On -> Edirol R-09 [Line In ~ WAV 16bit/44.1kHz]
Conversion: Master WAVs ~> PC ~> Editing/Tracking ~> FLAC Level 8
Editing: Cool Edit Pro 2.0 [fades, boost, limits]
Tracking: CDWAV
Checksums: Traders Little Helper (MD5, FFP, and SBE verification)


Geddy said a few words in between Subdivisions and Natural Science regarding the minature Professor next to his keyboards. Some of those words included the phrase: "The scientists at Rush productions spare no expense to bring you the finest special effects", hence the title for this release is born.


This recording is dedicated to my son Nathan. This was his first concert ever, and it can't get any better to have him partake in experiencing the #1 band in the word - RUSH. He says hello to his best friend Kyle at the very beginning of the recording.

This is a good quality recording. It is raw and has NO EQ. Some hard limiting (peak -1dB) was performed during the explosions (Far Cry and 2112). A 6dB boost was needed for the entire recording, as I had the levels set low.


Included. Feel free to use it or make your own.
The photo in the inside sleeve of Geddy's miniature Professor spinning his drumstick in his left hand was what Geddy was referring to "the special effects".
Thanks to kbomb106 for snapping that photo off while Neil's mini kit was spinning around and around!


Special thanks to the Granite Grady hookup in Hooksett, NH before the show, especially to LakesideMaiden and Der Trommler for hosting.

A special thanks for the permission to include the very nice photos from LakesideMaiden, kbomb106, and others in this collection ;-)
There is a AVI video also included of Neil's drum solo in LakesideMaiden's photo folder.


TRADE FREELY but please, do not trade in MP3 or other lossy format.
Thanks to those who pay it forward and share it back.

As always, please support Rush by purchasing their music and seeing them live.


Upped by SolitaryPine - July 2008
With help from members of TRF = The Rush Forum and the Rush DC Hub.


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