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Pittsburgh 2008 (lghtmn)


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: July 02, 2008
Location: Post Gazette Pavilion, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Pittsburgh 2008 Back.jpg
Pittsburgh 2008 Front.jpg

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Tapers Notes

Sony ECM-DS70P stereo mic > Zoom H2 Compact Flash Mobile Recorder > WAV > USB > Dell Computer > Cool Edit (for tracking) > FLAC > YOU

The people sitting around me were quiet through the entire show. Not a single drunk anywhere near me.

section 6 row dd seat 9

Great recording for outdoors although bass was a little low in the mix. Geddy fucked up twice during the encores. See if you can find them.

I would prefer that you folks do not post artwork on this site for shows that I have uploaded. I do not want anyone thinking these are in anyway some sort of actual release. If you want to make them for yourselves, go ahead, but please do not post them. This site is about music, not packaging. The text files provide all the info you need.


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