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69 Chicago


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 1:05:05, 0:48:12, 0:48:12
Catalog: DigitalMan Productions: DMP-69
Source: Audience Master
Date: June 09, 2008
Location: The United Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Art & Info 

6f124c51e469c69f6d6cc7df0273971b *Rush 69 Chicago back.jpg 
57b3b048ef1f20bd6cb16503c8b6255b *Rush 69 Chicago back.pdf 
b5d9a3ffec7e5b089c6ecc4f5d0054a5 *Rush 69 Chicago cover with tray.jpg 
c5b8d23892c13a1272bbc27ea1912bf9 *Rush 69 Chicago cover with tray.pdf 

06143bd96bfb3423f11b13ab3fb66fc7 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t01.flac 
a09451cf537479e7583990958e245895 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t02.flac 
1dd7da0b37f0620470fdc430d4fce11a *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t03.flac 
e284bf4c5139b29fd857dc4ed0d669c0 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t04.flac 
736f72dcc10ef3d7b77cc226a7d776a5 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t05.flac 
7ff62c1e9d7ac45246f56651f085e727 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t06.flac 
ae950ca752bbb70f9e47ce4812d9d1ff *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t07.flac 
f2d037847b4099fb0bf277e9185b155b *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t08.flac 
ce0e72f4cc7b6b4decaef42cc24f9d98 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t09.flac 
b3bc7363c59ddd7c43b9300e6474462a *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t10.flac 
4bc6565b28f82f85d6600c9a3d1d8ade *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t11.flac 
e4f3eba6952296b8743f7abe2a8f798e *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d1t12.flac 

7f822f08b70bbdc932447bd58b83d7d1 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t01.flac 
73d6076690117fe341b75956386231ea *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t02.flac 
3b3fe7279d9a58f738072d86cdf37d20 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t03.flac 
aca5921ed424a27bbd9a2be94f1a552b *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t04.flac 
a7268354dd38a7dbbc7fd38af31f271e *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t05.flac 
ec06c5af1da0d8f6c170a33aa271ec0e *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t06.flac 
f4015f470e18cd1f28e36aa24e5f0657 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t07.flac 
e2394cf6702807d3b7cc2e8cd0dded90 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t08.flac 
0e2bd7fc90fe6ae533e12fde7eb9f032 *Rush-2008-6-9_69 Chicago-16b44.1k-d2t09.flac 

Rush 69 Chicago back.jpg
Rush 69 Chicago back.pdf
Rush 69 Chicago cover with tray.jpg
Rush 69 Chicago cover with tray.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 9.5

Production Notes

Recorded, Mastered, Artwork, Photography & Produced by: DigitalMan Productions
Seat: Sec 1, Row 19, Seat ? :)
Recording: Audience Digital Master - 24 bit 48 KHz > bit reduced & downsampled to 16 bit 44.1 KHz for CD
Source: Microtrack 24/96 > SP-Microtrack Mic Power > SP-CMC-8 (AT943)
Transfer: Microtrack 24/96 > USB > PC > Cool Edit Pro v2 > Flac level 8 aligon sector boundaries> You
Release Date: CANADA DAY July 1, 2008

Geddy Lee
   (Audio - 9.5)

Wow, nice capture! Too bad it's not the full show.   (2010-01-14)

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