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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 68:39, 64:25, 39:10
Catalog: SolitaryPine Productions: SP009
Source: Audience Master
Date: June 15, 2008
Location: Comcast Center, Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA

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cover d3.jpg
d1 inner sleeve.jpg
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d3 inner Sleeve.jpg

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Taper Notes

Taper/Mastering/Artwork: SolitaryPine
Photos: Various TRF members: Tortoise and Hare, Spike, 1001001 (dave)
Location: Section 5, Row T
Config: Audience stealth in hat
Source: CSB w/Bass Rolloff On -> Edirol R-09 [Line In ~ WAV 16bit/44.1kHz]
Conversion: Master WAVs ~> PC ~> Editing/Tracking ~> FLAC
Editing: Cool Edit Pro 2.0 [fades, boost, limits, fixes]
Tracking: CDWAV
Checksums: Traders Little Helper (MD5, FFP, and SBE verification)


Good night for a show. Cool temperatures (about 65F degrees) and a bit on the damp side. As usual, the boys were in fine form. Nearly sold out crowds (the grass seats seem to have some open areas).

Geddy makes a couple of references to this night being a certain pinnacle for Boston sports - specifically the Boston Celtics who were playing Game 5 of the NBA finals against the LA Lakers. From time to time you can hear the audience chant "Beat LA". Geddy came out on stage for the encore wearing a Beat LA tee shirt too. So, this release may have aptly been entitled 'Beat LA', but alas, they are saving that victory for a later date.

The inspiration for this release's name came immediately following the venue name change, which happened a week before this show. Mansfield's venue has been through a few name changes in the past - Great Woods, Tweeter Center, and now the Comcast Center. Within the trading community, there has always been grumbling about our ISP's for various reasons, and in more recent headlines, Comcast has been at the forefront - specifically with undeniably messing around with subscribers who torrent (say NO to TCP RST!). So, in order to tribute our traders circles with some dignity, this title was born as an appropriate "pun".  Just wait until our ISP's hit us with usage based subscription rates!


This is my first RUSH ROIO. Hopefully not the last.

This is a good recording, but not spectacular by any means. I was far from being dead center (about 80 feet to the right and 50 feet back from the soundboard) so there is not any real stereo separation for the music. It gives it an almost monaural type of feel, but it's better than nothing.

I hear there are at least 2 more recordings of this show. One is from section 2 DFC, so that should turn out to be excellent. Another is from Section 6 near the soundboard, which should also be excellant!

Some things I do not like about this recording:
There is bit of wind/heat rising that waxes and wanes during songs.
You can hear the effect especially during Neils heavy use of the high hat and cymbals.
Geddy's voice sounds a bit distorted and rough around the edges for many songs.
I dont recall it sounding that way in my ears during the show, so perhaps this is an indication of some sort of problem with my CSB's. I have never heard this phenom happening with previous recordings I have done. This requires some more investigation.
A slight operator error occurred during some "air drumming" when I accidently hit the recorder's STOP button during Armor and Sword (duh!) at the 5:04 time mark into the song, lasting until approx. 5:24 there is about 13 seconds worth of the song that I missed. I filled in that time with what should be there with 13 seconds of the music - taken from the from the 2008-06-07 Kansas City ROIO. You can notice the change over for that period of time but it's not too bad. No more air drum playing for me ;-)

Other that what I mention here for mastering, this recording is raw and has NO EQ. Some hard limiting (peak -1dB) was performed during the explosions (far cry and 2112), the audience clapping was also limited (during The Spirit of Radio). A 6dB boost was needed for the entire recording, as I had the levels set a bit on the lower side this time.


The cover is supposed to be themed about an ISP Firewall with the S&A logo on it. Feel free to use it or create your own.
What I did is a quick hack as I'm not a graphic artist by any means.
I made this art for the thin CD jewel cases (the kind with only a front panel for a cover and inside sleeve). Just put d1 cover with d1 sleeve, etc.


I want to thank Leigh & Dave (trf 1001001) for providing shelter and food prior to and after the show as well as for the Parking Lot Commentary.
I also finally got a chance to meet up with TRF folks in the VIP lot.
Nice group of folks! Can't wait for the Granite Grady in NH on July 11! Go LSM!

A special thanks for the permission to include the very nice photos from Spike and Tortoise and Hare in this collection ;-)


TRADE FREELY but please, do not trade in MP3 or other lossy format.
Thanks to those who pay it forward and share it back.

As always, please support the artist by purchasing their music and seeing them live.


Upped by SolitaryPine - June 2008
With help from members of The Rush Forum and the Rush DC Hub.
Without them (and RUSH) I would be musically lost.


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