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Los Angeles 2008 (Bob S)


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: May 06, 2008
Location: Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA

101 set one intro.flac:b60b619369f3aac90fcd7dde88e78823
102 Limelight.flac:045a3ccafdaafbb04858f76b637405b6
103 Digital Man.flac:8eb36a4601a893f392194c1d5408e0d1
104 Ghost Of A Chance.flac:8d999d458b59fe8d236d4d6a93af71e2
105 Mission.flac:58fa0d8e5c31c60abf0162e28a77920f
106 Freewill.flac:2acfb2c6d33810f425e576ddc29cf1cd
107 The Main Monkey Business.flac:e918c90da27cce71869a4409949b28bd
108 The Larger Bow.flac:de11f0b6941dd2b332a7d4e4618731d8
109 Red Barchetta.flac:e9c08c2efe80b4240f21ff7c5ecb3893
110 The Trees.flac:5e640898826dd7694fbe2c5c92a2ce17
111 Between The Wheels.flac:039af3c976e6a3ac6988fccdb44d312a
112 Dreamline.flac:c2c74079c718b00cd6605c0f04ecac59
201 Set two intro.flac:438b146446864c854e7258c368c41906
202 Far Cry.flac:70163c4552229a4a572cd327a6dddb50
203 Working Them Angels.flac:e876d3bb993aed6c7dc4f66cd7448bdf
204 Armor And Sword.flac:c8d04fbc0eaf2572c3ac9976257fc81c
205 Spindrift.flac:5874d2abdd08abbf240ed7c4d9304481
206 The Way The Wind Blows.flac:3adc59359497a7ab55f09fc8a80fdf83
207 Subdivisions.flac:34503c6154180b3c047ef7dd8a6e04e4
208 Natural Science.flac:b5fa5921f7c7092877784e6179adf074
209 Witch Hunt.flac:581394f253fc5b0abc73c055fddc3797
210 Malignant Narcissism.flac:9c3c8119b05f045ba0b732937c2c8ada
211 Drum solo.flac:c80893dc89d51617546548225d08e981
301 Hope.flac:af71e27667cf315e39a88fe162da6dfb
302 The Spirit Of Radio.flac:c5e5d8ce4ed390a0fa51562182b19095
303 2112.flac:112432afa32431858bc4d37976b80a0c
304 Tom Sawyer.flac:961bb8131b922cc17e3e1564283c1279
305 One Little Victory.flac:5e375bc1e5190e9372e432ebfba87e61
306 A Passage To Bangkok.flac:6003223b26a90de36fdb4caddd0acccc
307 YYZ.flac:8f9b424fdccb844cc60b98feeb1411c9 

The Way Back Machine Back.jpg
The Way Back Machine Disc 1.jpg
The Way Back Machine Disc 2.jpg
The Way Back Machine Disc 3.jpg
The Way Back Machine Folder.jpg
The Way Back Machine Front.jpg
The Way Back Machine Tray.jpg

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Taper Notes

Taping Location: Row 28 inline with Geddy
Taper: Bob S.
Gear: SS-PL6EL-roll off –6@85hz - R-09 48/24
Process: Audition3, parametric eq -4.2@722hz - 8db level boost compressor set @-1 threshold 2:1 for limiting purposes – downsample 44.1/16 TLH flac L6

I wasn’t going to release this show, as I didn’t really like the sound from where I was sitting. For whatever reason there was a major peak in Geddy’s vocal effects centered at 722hz, which gave the overall sound of very hollow. I used the above parametric settings to minimize but you can still hear it in places.
Surprisingly there is not major bottom in the recording. The PA level was blistering. I had talked to others who were seated at various locations and got different responses about sound quality from each one.
Not my best recording, but listen able. Enjoy.

48/24 is available.


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