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Teaching Phoenix A Lesson


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: May 01, 2008
Location: Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

d7a07d2c0b7b7011df3f53048901e8d8 *D1T01 - Limelight.flac
45485341a9353ea4dcf1b22e62f8c84f *D1T02 - Digital Man.flac
fe73bfd383f22832821387b38b8098ff *D1T03 - Ghost of a Chance.flac
9b7b5e77ede8914316cf379265990575 *D1T04 - Mission.flac
c7eea9c4c9a0d22a2faf2506c0c948c7 *D1T05 - Freewill.flac
d6dfaff512731ee85e15de4d8fd229dd *D1T06 - The Main Monkey Business.flac
ae7ba67af0a9d1d42c4773d6f824ecb1 *D1T07 - The Larger Bowl.flac
0499d5168d4a7303b75edec92d6198a6 *D1T08 - Red Barchetta.flac
fec56a8425dec252cfcb9a583ac659b2 *D1T09 - The Trees.flac
a1b5cf0fb486e7d87bb185aedbfe4bf8 *D1T10 - Between The Wheels.flac
177cf7064f9a3abe40a4e40838d99f8a *D1T11 - Dreamline.flac
10d0c673f9a4cf30216110fc3f8b18a7 *D2T01 - Far Cry.flac
79be7d1410ab1d0c969779ea7b94a031 *D2T02 - Workin Them Angels.flac
625312171d0208b20de9131a751dcb25 *D2T03 - Armor and Sword.flac
622e17d7d983505e76250cd69f8a857d *D2T04 - Spindrift.flac
a7d810d31ee1df035063c443605f7eff *D2T05 - The Way The Wind Blows.flac
612b0116b4ab1f3c491a975263f603e0 *D2T06 - Subdivisions.flac
d79e8f3068bd4a278e8ad39067a2cc77 *D2T07 - Natural Science.flac
f2ea645eacca62f4c6124035873f4f3c *D2T08 - Witch Hunt.flac
14b3735560e79113caf0a83c2ca48ffa *D2T09 - Malignant Narcissism.flac
094ade8d047d9b614473ad565758a873 *D2T10 - Drum Solo.flac
efa475cf20d7b69aba4280bd022456e2 *D3T01 - Hope.flac
3ffaa893c59980ed6be9c44c644cae09 *D3T02 - The Spirit of the Radio.flac
dbda1e7b4b15c21e78a659000268cca3 *D3T03 - 2112 (excerpts).flac
1bc4696293142e12ecf555c0d6ca7b20 *D3T04 - Tom Sawyer.flac
ac0284d16b6b49c1139cd7d81ddbd7a2 *D3T05 - One Little Victory.flac
3942ab52326048420701daf3ab0002a5 *D3T06 - A Passage To Bangkok.flac
a55820e5153bf5e9150c6d62a47c56b6 *D3T07 - YYZ.flac

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Tapers Notes

Taped By: K. Hermann
Format: Dual Format, FLAC 48kHz and FLAC 44.1kHz
Lineage: Sony ECM-DS30P>Batt Box>Nomad Jukebox 3 | Post processing done with Samplitude and Waves plug-ins (minor eq'ing and compression)

First off, a couple comments about the dual format. I recorded it at 48khz, so I am releasing it as that. If you just want to listen on your computer, or burn to DVD video or audio, or transfer to your iPod/mp3 player, this is the format you want to use, as it is higher quality. I am also releasing the same thing but converted to 44.1khz, so if you want to burn to CD and listen that way, then use that. If you are downloading this via torrent, feel free to cherry pick and only download the format you want to use in the end.

This Phoenix show is during Rush's second leg of their Snakes And Arrows Tour. The crowd at this show was actually a great crowd, not rude or obnoxious, but very appreciative of the band. Which surprised me, as the crowd was bigger than the crowd on the first leg of the tour! And that was amidst a lot of criticism that Rush was selling less tickets on the second leg of the tour. There was a little movement from people in front of me, so there is a *little* bit of annoyance from that perspective, otherwise the show turned out very clear (you won't notice the people moving around if you don't listen with headphones). Another great show from Rush, but I suppose Geddy was feeling a little sadistic as he wanted to teach the crowd a lesson by playing too much music for us! I guess I've always been a glutton for punishment...

Thank you to Tarkus406 for providing the artwork.

Please do not sell this show or trade it in MP3 format. If you do I will no longer share my shows.


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