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Malignant Humidity


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: August 24, 2007
Location: Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, Maryland Heights, Missouri, USA

Malignant Humidity Back.jpg
Malignant Humidity Front.jpg

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Production notes

Taper: Ryan A ( )
Location: 16th row, slightly right of dead center
Source: Danish Pro Audio 4061 mics > Danish Pro Audio MMA6000 preamp > Edirol R-09 (line in, 24bit/48kHz wav)
Transfer: Edirol R-09 (SD flash card) > USB > wav @ 24bit/48kHz > Hard drive > Mastering (see below) > CD Wave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 6 Flac Compression) > Flac

Recommended disc split points:
Disc 1: entire first set
Disc 2: set II: tracks 01 - 12
Disc 3: set II: tracks 13 - 20

** Do not compress to lossy formats (ie. mp3) and distribute.
*** When trading this around, please distribute only in original Flac format to preserve the generational integrity.

Thought I better get this out there before the new tour comes around again to St. Louis.

I like this recording. It's not quite as in-your-face close as my recording the night before in Kansas City. But it's a little warmer, due I think to the pavillion roof helping to hold the low end better. The right channel went out sporadically throughout the show, usually just for a few seconds at a time. I corrected this by pasting the left channel into the right in the affected sections, effectively making it mono during that time. This is most noticeable during the Limelight solo and during the encore applause. It doesn't effect the show that much overall.

I remember the night was really humid. It had rained all day and the ground was saturated. But fortunately it cleared up just before the show. Rush seems to really enjoy playing St. Louis and it's always a sellout (or very near). The band had a good time and Geddy's voice sounded a little sharper than the night before. Good show.

Best enjoyed through a good pair of headphones. Enjoy!


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