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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 68:45, 65:03, 35:43
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: May 25, 2008
Location: Brandt Centre, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

d1_01_Intro.flac: 165575c5e9ea2222c3a705b6b3846fa2 
d1_02_Limelight.flac: 0009f6c4cdae16b7868f8b915cc8aa7c 
d1_03_Digital_Man.flac: 48b764280a4769d68786d33fb8de027b 
d1_04_Ghost_Of_A_Chance.flac: 3a726cb76f329785bdc039a3acea505d 
d1_05_Mission.flac: 214e95fc5835f1604ca6609ed13d6135 
d1_06_Freewill.flac: d7a73dfec872aa139b5cd614321004d7 
d1_07_The_Main_Monkey_Business.flac: dfe19d5f527884916836687288b30cf1 
d1_08_The_Larger_Bowl.flac: 6d0c6ed7f6c047c888f19f45f2b8d3fa 
d1_09_Red_Barchetta.flac: c8ac1831bc5a49017325f305f52b9b4b 
d1_10_The_Trees.flac: 1e1fec5db850344a654a6385f7a1901e 
d1_11_Between_The_Wheels.flac: 976ac8e3c87ddce466cc9c992594be11 
d1_12_Dreamline.flac: 80c991f515befcb2f55f098dd3947e8f 
d2_01_Intro.flac: bb96f14d3efa7f163defed2d81b0c425 
d2_02_Far_Cry.flac: 37de0381c09a2f12e29ce1bfde1326e7 
d2_03_Working_Them_Angels.flac: a836685384dba7db49244e131a56122e 
d2_04_Spindrift.flac: fd88d78874ec5ef01812843cb5fccf75 
d2_05_The_Way_The_Wind_Blows.flac: f52a0698cc0d18b59b6bfa7ff14afb5d 
d2_06_Subdivisions.flac: 33c9381fdff4475b9b79ca79d27117f8 
d2_07_Natural_Science.flac: 44708495edb2b23c903e78ec35eebe31 
d2_08_Witchhunt.flac: a9fb0f3e996e3fae9c121c4056d37098 
d2_09_Malignant_Narcissism.flac: 2decac995a6c95b8effed72a00b999ce 
d2_10_Drumsolo.flac: fef37b11db1fc18c92f56813dfea9de4 
d2_11_Hope.flac: 83acd01d1c58191ccb173230dc7a0fdf 
d3_01_The_Spirit_Of_Radio.flac: ee56ab92306466eb78d5a84cbc543b74 
d3_02_2112.flac: 9a48309ad1e4c37e2dc5e0aa2e5a1d46 
d3_03_Tom_Sawyer.flac: c7482d138d9c432f99981ff7972782df 
d3_04_audience.flac: 74e456b2b3a9ae0c3cd684bae8b8f277 
d3_05_One_Little_Victory.flac: 1dddf10903569b3e5ff52f2b037418c3 
d3_06_Passage_To_Bangkok.flac: f035a305aa7493509749f3264c584104 
d3_07_YYZ_outro.flac: e8e3edf087aa70db947fd87ee7567b5f

Cursed Indeed Back Final.jpg
Cursed Indeed Disc 1.jpg
Cursed Indeed Disc 2.jpg
Cursed Indeed Disc 3.jpg
Cursed Indeed Front Final.jpg
Cursed Indeed Tray Final.jpg

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Production Notes

The title refers to the PA cutting out just before Geddy sings "some are cursed" from 3:44-3:50 in "The Larger Bowl" as well as to the "camera issue"

SP-MBC-2 w/batterybox with rolloff set at 69Hz > iRiver H320 running Rockbox >Cooledit Pro > shntool>Flac frontend>you

Recorded in uncompressed WAV format about 10 feet from the stage. I was probably 2 seats away from the middle (on Geddy's side).
I was a bit worried that the sound would suck so close to the stage, but my fears were unfounded.
It was actually really cool because we could hear part of Neils drums from the stage (mostly cymbals).
And you can hear this in the recording. All instruments are nice and clear in the recording.

The show is complete. (with the exception of the first few seconds of the intermission intro)
Audio editing done to his recording was limited to:
- a little bit of EQ to bring up the highs (damn I enjoy Neils use of the cymbals)
- fade in and out at the beginning and end of the discs (no music is faded, just audience noise).
- There was an altercation with a security-person about a camera during "The Trees".
The guy was yelling in my right mic so I duplicated the left channel and replaced the right channel for that 5 seconds. It's noticeable and you can hear the conversation, oh well.
Not a MAJOR deterrent in my opinion though.
- there were 2 really loud explosions during the show (in 2112 and Far Cry). I performed a fade-in on those. (starting at -5.5db correction to 0db correction over the period of a fraction of a second) This caused the peeks to not be flagged as "hot". You can't hear the difference though.
The only "hot" sounds on the recording are "clapping".

Speaking of clapping... I was tempted to remove some of the clappers. (the guy standing next to me clapped after every song.
At least he didn't clap during the songs (with the exception of TSOR, but Geddy asked for it so what would you expect...) Generally, the people around me were well behaved. No whistlers or excessive screamers nearby.

A special Thanks goes out to my concert buddy Kamal. He's been very understanding about the recording and has always kept quiet during the shows! Thanks bud! I appreciate it!

Feel free to convert this to a lossy format for personal use, but PLEASE do NOT share this in a lossy format.
If I find this recording in mp3 format somewhere, it will be the last recording of mine anyone will ever see.

This recording was created by a fan, for the fans and should never be sold and should be traded free of charge!


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