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Concord 2008 (dcbullet)


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: May 04, 2008
Location: Sleep Train Pavilion, Concord, California, USA

01 - First Set Intro.flac:e17c68383179dfb87f72f22fa8aec460 
02 - Limelight.flac:67245138bf5ae39a9ff3a9fdbf2c4e67 
03 - Digital Man.flac:919717e3c0ed334ef8f84fbcd565b23c 
04 - Ghost of a Chance.flac:80731d77aaedbf99cdc922ce9a02f117 
05 - Mission.flac:c92678b97d0b80a70de090ea772ddfb2 
06 - Freewill.flac:dbb771602e927ac46f2f240d1e88eb93 
07 - The Main Monkey Business.flac:dbe75328365d1a1dfd01083cf0e8ab76 
08 - The Larger Bowl.flac:3a4dcae539b2a2f4d23fcbb8542477f2 
09 - Red Barchetta.flac:5914fc61fb499830560996373c5f2165 
10 - The Trees.flac:7bc5d4c8cb84491292677acda0183d81 
11 - Between the Wheels.flac:674c32a0a24fa65ad6c310df6f7d1240 
12 - Dreamline.flac:14b77c43a9ce558893c5533a25dd4945 
13 - Second Set Intro.flac:3901cf19f059a594d3e40a976f6b1d00 
14 - Far Cry.flac:ac882ff22ec31b851f6b9d5d5affd0d3 
15 - Workin' Them Angels.flac:f92ea810d7e51b729075ea964b1a7f85 
16 - Armor and Sword.flac:8cac60f4b0f98e964ff27593e46ed980 
17 - Spindrift.flac:acfa99dae3cd25f813026784dc49c0b5 
18 - The Way the Wind Blows.flac:41bfd616eaa431c80f32d2571f893513 
19 - Subdivisions.flac:cfe97225472a55474354a8dd2ee9fac8 
20 - Natural Science.flac:37375c939e044a3063553b50579741f3 
21 - Witch Hunt.flac:63fe4df915606748cd97d43fdce156c7 
22 - Malignant Narcissism.flac:93a4c4291b359f74268d755baf233ec4 
23 - Drum Solo.flac:4418f343d09201c1107b83f98ef7ff86 
24 - Hope.flac:825e1987d6824558fe11ec4efd9a66b1 
25 - The Spirit of Radio.flac:726ce4b0958f62cb2984d14286842491 
26 - 2112 (Overture - The Temples of Syrinx).flac:85f32a5f1753964df121b2b7629bb4c3 
27 - Tom Sawyer.flac:d42677670d591a4b49e92567ac7c0ccb 
28 - One Little Victory.flac:087aba456ca3d9cf3f8d56c8a4fe97c4 
29 - A Passage to Bangkok.flac:acd2d3144e1b0b0e87799a7b84edc4ee 
30 - YYZ.flac:d156350a2f7db13d28344ebb8550d68a

Concord 2008 Back.jpg
Concord 2008 Front.jpg

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Taper Notes

I taped Rush at this same venue back on August 3, 2007. I went because I could get lawn seats for $20. I was so impressed with Rush that I decided to go again and this time I got decent mid level seats. As a result, my recording is much better this time. My first show I originally ranked a B but with more listening I have downgraded it to a C, maybe a B with some equalizing. This show I give a B+. While compared to indoor shows it still has some distance and that tinny sound, overall I think you will enjoy the recording, especially if you were there. This show will also benefit from some use of the equalizer, but I leave that to the individual listener's preference. The crowd around me was generally decent so there is a minimum of chatter. Please to enjoy    (2008-05-06)

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