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Chicago, IL 1981 (Eeklair)


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: March 01, 1981
Location: International Amphitheatre, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2112 Overture / Temples of Syrinx   6:18
Freewill   6:08
Limelight   5:00
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:29
Beneath, Between And Behind   2:48
The Camera Eye   10:56
YYZ / Drum Solo   7:53
Broons Bane / The Trees   5:09
Xanadu   13:00

The Spirit Of Radio   5:22
Red Barchetta   7:10
Closer To The Heart   3:48
Tom Sawyer   4:57
Vital Signs   5:24
Natural Science   8:07
Medely: Working Man   1:18
Hemispheres Armageddon   :54
Bytor And The Snow Dog   3:59
In The End   1:41
In The Mood   1:36
Grand Finale   2:27
La Villa Strangiato   9:43

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Production Notes

All raw RUSH recordings deserve the kind of treatment that only true fans can serve up. This is just such an occasion. There were 4 tracks i had to delete because they weren't part of this show!! They were probably remnants from a previous recording included in Analog4011's original torrent. This tells me the tapes used to record with were not virgin. The songs were indexed by someone unknowledgable of Rush songs. For instance, Hemispheres and Beneath Between Behind were indexed as one track, and they weren't the only tracks clumped together. The Trees and Xanadu were also in one track. And then there's the medely... All are now repaired. And yes RB I read your disclaimer about bad tracking... Then I compressed the mids and lows alot to try to beef up the recording. This gave me an opportunity to punch the levels up from 30% saturation to about 90% saturation. I also cross-mixed a few '2-parters,' like The Trees, and Natural Science, which now has a wacky sort of verse in the middle now, but I blended it - saving as much of the original recording as possible without deleting. I also re-indexed alot of the tracks due to cut off intro's for about 80% of the songs. I Know RB will probably wish to read me the riot act for sharing my remaster of his upload, and he's entitled to do so. After all he is the taper. But in turn he should appreciate my efforts, after all, I am the remasterer... Lastly I'd like to thank Ruby at Dime for showing me the light.   (2008-11-19)

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