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Time Machine
Cruising Under Your Radar


Media: 1 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: September 22, 1983
Location: Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York, USA

There is no artwork available for this title.

Average Rating:Audio: 6

   (Audio - 6)

This show has 3 - 6 clicks right before each track change. Also, this shows' date was rumoured as 9-21-83, but sadly this is not to be. This is the first half of the 9-22-83 show from "Tom Sawyer" through "In The Mood". The proof of date is when Geddy announces the night at the beginning of track 2. He says: "Good evening New York City and surrounding area if that's where you're from. Whatta ya say this evening. You okay out there or what? It's nice to be here, again for our whatever row in a night, night in a row here at Radio City Music Hall. We've got ahh...we've been here so long you know. Ahh, we've got a bunch of things we'd like to do tonight from our older records and of course _______ albums. Ok...ahh we'd like to proceed with something from 'Signals', this is called 'Digital Man' ". This confusion from Geddy is rare and is the exact same thing he says on "Contents Under Pressure". Track 10 sounds like it is from a different show, because it sounds better.   (2008-03-22)

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