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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 59:14, 50:18
Catalog: Crystalline Records: 199806
Source: Laser Disc
Date: April 24, 1988
Location: National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England

The Big Money   6:45
Subdivisions   5:22
Marathon   6:33
Turn The Page   4:40
Prime Mover   5:34
Manhattan Project   5:12
Closer To The Heart   4:31
Red Sector A   5:11
Force Ten   4:53
Time Stand Still   5:13
Distant Early Warning   5:15

Lock & Key   6:34
Mission   5:39
Territories   6:21
YYZ   3:19
The Rhythm Method   3:33
The Spirit Of Radio   4:56
Tom Sawyer   5:39
2112: Overture   3:39
2112: The Templese of Syrinx   1:54
La Villa Strangiato   5:27
In The Mood   3:11

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Average Rating:Audio: 10

Bill Girton
   (Audio - 10)

An excellent recording. It is the audio track from the A Show Of Hands laser disk. The sound of course is equal to a professional release. The laser disk version includes Lock & Key which is missing from the VHS version.

Ron's Rush RoIO Review

This is the audio portion of the "A Show Of Hands" video. About 3/4 of the HYF concert is represented here, with the highlights being "Prime Mover" and "Territories." This is also my personal favorite version of "The Spirit Of Radio." Alex?s vocals come out very well on this show. As a video feed, this is a soundboard-quality show. Apparently, there is also a full version of this show (quality average) floating around out there as well.

Rush Collector Resources

This was primarily sourced from the A Show Of Hands purple-label laserdisc. This is the only version of the laserdisc or video to include Lock And Key. The show is complete with the exception of Limelight.

   (Audio - 10)

Folks?this bootleg is breathtaking. It?s the Show of Hands laserdisc on two CDs; the sound is on par with the ?Show of Hands? album! It?s a full show (minus Limelight but, if your any kind of Rush fan you already own 10,000 versions). No Cuts! A performance obviously Rush approved. What can I say?wow, perfection! The Non-Official live album tunes are performed really well, especially ?Lock and Key?, man that version makes my hair stand on end! Also, ?The Spirit of Radio? is my 2nd favorite Rush tune, I know live versions of this song pretty well and I?m not the only guy who considers this THE best version of it. Also, it has my favorite version of ?Subdivisions? (my favorite Rush song). Perhaps, I should not raise your expectations but I did. Perfection! Perfection! Perfection! There is one problem however, this has a handful of the exact performances on the ?Show of Hands? CD! , and so you already own them. That?s a little problem, YOU NEED THIS! If you have the means of getting this boot and have not, I, personally, recommend suicide.thanks to R.C. for the show.

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