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Buffalo 1984


Media: 1 CDr Data Audio
Time: 79:34
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience, unknown gen
Date: July 12, 1984
Location: Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, New York, USA

Three Stooges Intro   0:43
The Spirit Of Radio   5:00
Subdivisions   5:18
The Body Electric   5:40
The Enemy Within   4:26
The Weapon   7:47
Witch Hunt   4:41
New World Man   4:31
Between The Wheels   5:12
Red Barchetta   5:57
Distant Early Warning   6:37
Red Sector A   5:15
Closer To The Heart   3:41
Afterimage   5:01
YYZ   3:05
Temples Of Syrinx   1:46
Tom Sawyer   4:46

282714b8f83fe30d40a72780bfc64de4 *01. Intro.flac
774af386c575b138b6c91d83e3cacd2f *02. The Spirit Of Radio.flac
5a50d3b4c9c94ac249edb8a7537e6801 *03. Subdivisions.flac
1c22e6e8290fe40327648229e6ed839b *04. The Body Electric.flac
43d97ebc5d3c6cb642754a9cde625927 *05. The Enemy Within.flac
0858c87f96b881e6b691a16f562b104f *06. The Weapon.flac
7b3de7e98ae2dabf5f0bc3735a56cd31 *07. Witch Hunt.flac
58498035a8a69aacb0a6f9fce8d4ca82 *08. New World Man.flac
28c0ea4600d8564da7afac0f9231f068 *09. Between The Wheels.flac
28557de1daf8d831fc5a4463011f9c1b *10. Red Barchetta.flac
5304db31b938efe63d01b5d907f5964a *11. Distant Early Warning.flac
aaf0714ed5218a5892196d2c3c16ab29 *12. Red Sector A.flac
1acf134ab0007d8e202fbf136814cf9b *13. Closer To The Heart.flac
26568a9de2a82ea9b5d80cecbd52daa8 *14. Afterimage.flac
d137742961a89c504e38a5dae506cecd *15. YYZ.flac
dbc7688e6ea6e76cc10bc05e82b8d8ca *16. The Temples Of Syrinx.flac
9d52ecd7e3c49022808b85632ab061b1 *17. Tom Sawyer.flac

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Original info:
History of Buffalo Concert Series
Rush - Buffalo, NY 1984-07-12
48th in an ongoing series archiving the concerts of Buffalo, NY over the last 40 years. Because of the decent response to my recent post of the 2007 Rush show I've decided that it is Rush week here at the Buffalo Concert series. We'll begin this sub-series with the Grace Under Pressure tour show. I took this off a cassette I traded for in the 80s. I'm not really sure of the lineage, but it wasn't too long after the show that I got a hold of it, so it couldn't be more than 2nd gen. The tape ran out during the drum solo, so I faded out after the previous song and elimintated that little fragment. Expand file list below for tracks. More to come. Enjoy!

As with nearly everything I post, do not sell, but feel welcome to convert anything I post to any format you like, lossy or otherwise, and feel free to share/trade it that way. Spread the music as much as possible, in any format possible. Music should be free and for everyone to enjoy as they see fit. If a person is completely satisfied with an Mp3, then they should be allowed to get it that way.


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