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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 65:13 38:01 60:11
Catalog: The Unholy Alliance: TUA-019
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 14, 2007
Location: MEN Arena, Manchester, England

UOTS19 back.jpg
UOTS19 disc1.jpg
UOTS19 disc2.jpg
UOTS19 disc3.jpg
UOTS19 front.jpg
UOTS19 gatefold.jpg

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Release Notes

Tapers   : The Old Dog
Source   : Master HiMD
Extraction  : Sonic Stage
Mastering  : Adobe Audition (mastering, BaldiePete)
Grading  : Ex
Catalogue  : TUA-019
Artwork  : Nephronic

Recording info

Sony NH1 HiMD -- SP1 --AT 933H

Mastering Notes
A bassy raw file had some EQ to boost the mid-range frequencies and a cut to the bass (still bassy though). Also, the usual limiting and normalising.
There was serious bawbag action during Hope with some arseholes talking away. Just shut the fuck up and listen to the music :-(

Tapers notes :
Recorded from Alex's side about halfway back and roughly middle of the tier. The mics were back on the lapels for this show


This recording was produced by fans for fans.
Do not ever convert this show to mp3.
Do not sell ever.

This recording has been checked for SBE.

The Old Dog says, "NO TORRENTING AT ALL" !!

Please share and trade freely in your own fan base domain.
Support the artist and always buy official releases.
And always get this text file you know 

Released February 2008



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