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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Nickeh Productions: 080
Source: Audience Master
Date: May 01, 1994
Location: Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Intro   1:15
Dreamline   5:12
The Spirit of Radio   5:04
The Analog Kid   6:06
Cold Fire   4:38
Time Stand Still   5:47
Nobody's Hero   5:33
Roll the Bones   6:16
Animated   5:58
Stick It Out   5:53
Double Agent   5:42
Limelight   4:39
Bravado   6:27

Mystic Rhythms   6:08
Closer to the Heart   5:58
Show Don't Tell   5:36
Leave That Thing Alone   6:06
Drum Solo   7:04
The Trees   5:28
Xanadu   7:03
Hemispheres   4:25
Tom Sawyer   6:30
Force 10   4:57
YYZ   4:31
Cygnus X-1   :40

88edc22f6e4c4608470506aa8545be4d *rush1994-05-01.txt
1578f258455767ba10bc0a29f6657e57 *rush1994-05-01b.jpg
6db11a106105f2fe278d9c13ab5742e6 *rush1994-05-01f.jpg
f7622a91240195905dbced46e4f579c8 *Disc OneD1T01 - Intro.flac
7b0bfbfa9a4739c09a30356719d76fa8 *Disc OneD1T02 - Dreamline.flac
2b711aaf672489c928106729601c92e7 *Disc OneD1T03 - The Spirit of Radio.flac
a868d430b48c2c20ff9d3a938f22a34b *Disc OneD1T04 - The Analog Kid.flac
919d73a31ab4b9188b409b749139b1b4 *Disc OneD1T05 - Cold Fire.flac
62ef8d9cdc8f9e1c2ad2afc84913155c *Disc OneD1T06 - Time Stand Still.flac
0fecc7c5bd7c641d9bbdaf29e4311457 *Disc OneD1T07 - Nobody's Hero.flac
1258f166d4aa79344a2ddb8bef97084e *Disc OneD1T08 - Roll the Bones.flac
498d6b6418bb08677ff6b33a2d9f7750 *Disc OneD1T09 - Animated.flac
bc7da89e773f6b5546748bc3cb1a085b *Disc OneD1T10 - Stick It Out.flac
1611eab28ca0fbda70fc921e39392f4a *Disc OneD1T11 - Double Agent.flac
ad7fbb13a9d00107acca36f7dbf59068 *Disc OneD1T12 - Limelight.flac
67a1e959cba679540980eb9ecc0a7848 *Disc OneD1T13 - Bravado.flac
181ddeb50cd82ff9343b8483d92af779 *Disc TwoD2T01 - Mystic Rhythms.flac
3953c0ee98b01896a3e0b43e379e8a0a *Disc TwoD2T02 - Closer to the Heart.flac
e017ee2a05d758930f93396eb91106f9 *Disc TwoD2T03 - Show Don't Tell.flac
637760a544786721d0783b5356675edd *Disc TwoD2T04 - Leave That Thing Alone.flac
f5317e11ee23201696c3b453082d50ee *Disc TwoD2T05 - Drum Solo.flac
2a5da8d87a39a18643aa0008182e4aaa *Disc TwoD2T06 - The Trees.flac
eabf9f950691a0445c464157c6d1ed28 *Disc TwoD2T07 - Xanadu.flac
d9c66391bbe502be002462263f779fe8 *Disc TwoD2T08 - Hemispheres.flac
4269c6b259d5f621352f6bce18f7135c *Disc TwoD2T09 - Tom Sawyer.flac
e5d238d8a7431652366404c0590f52d6 *Disc TwoD2T10 - Force 10.flac
6f0333476f5ce23aed694013b11cba68 *Disc TwoD2T11 - YYZ.flac
7650aac6bf8b8dc577ec96901128bede *Disc TwoD2T12 - Cygnus X-1.flac

rush1994 05 01b.jpg
rush1994 05 01f.jpg

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Release Notes

Lineage: Radio Shack Recorder w/ Built in Mics > Maxell XL ll Cas > Sony TC WE305 Cas Deck > AudioSource EQ 100 equalizer > CDR775 Audio CD Recorder (TAC) > Audio CD > Hiss Reduction w/ CEP > Track Split w/ CEP > Gap elimination with CEP > Other Editing > FLAC using TLH (Nickeh)

First of all, a big thanks to TAC for taping this show! This will be the first time the master cassette of this show has been transferred to CD and released, enjoy! There are cuts between several of the tracks.

Please do not sell this show or convert to lossy formats.

Nickeh (


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