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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Nickeh Productions: 079
Source: Audience Master
Date: December 09, 1991
Location: Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Force 10   5:18
Limelight   4:22
Freewill   4:02
Distant Early Warning   4:26
Time Stand Still   6:03
Dreamline   5:00
Bravado   6:41
Roll The Bones   5:56
Show Don't Tell   6:11
The Big Money   6:35
Ghost of a Chance   5:23
Subdivisions   3:47

The Pass   5:08
Where's My Thing   5:13
The Rhythm Method   7:13
Closer to the Heart   5:00
Xanadu   6:38
Superconductor   5:07
Tom Sawyer   6:08
The Spirit of Radio   4:50
2112   3:18
Finding My Way   2:06
La Villa Strangiato   3:11
Anthem   1:46
Red Barchetta   1:34
The Spirit of Radio   :55

a4c4d087dd3e142cd22f6eb5fcae5990 *rush1991-12-09.txt
2ae95464ded11bf950f851822a21df8e *rush1991-12-09b.jpg
41bdc5a64c110bbf24dff96bbb1321da *rush1991-12-09f.jpg
22ea5a02e060c15328cbbaa0336a141d *Disc OneD1T01 - Force 10.flac
89aeb1e86450edff9f951cafae9300ab *Disc OneD1T02 - Limelight.flac
4a1af7baa07b77eefd34b9ead6cd2245 *Disc OneD1T03 - Freewill.flac
a90ff5af108411a3f0bca70a533cc17f *Disc OneD1T04 - Distant Early Warning.flac
986e74d5099c66c6e2f479e442e6ae7b *Disc OneD1T05 - Time Stand Still.flac
7f84f98c8e5061b018273dcba43a0ee9 *Disc OneD1T06 - Dreamline.flac
f49a47c590efa121092263c32d432ea8 *Disc OneD1T07 - Bravado.flac
226860c63fc89c6cf73b19c20b1427fb *Disc OneD1T08 - Roll the Bones.flac
a9c48c278079afbccb219f6914252031 *Disc OneD1T09 - Show Don't Tell.flac
0ce78055a1a39699513183eef1432e81 *Disc OneD1T10 - The Big Money.flac
c265103c6dccf26b3a8f2bb9a77cb5ac *Disc OneD1T11 - Ghost of a Chance.flac
41d2ff118db244b31218df2fc66cf6f5 *Disc OneD1T12 - Subdivisions.flac
de970cd20e0625864437fcc3940975d0 *Disc TwoD2T01 - The Pass.flac
7dc124d8339045961b6cc1f506b7f7a5 *Disc TwoD2T02 - Where's My Thing.flac
5d9698ccf0b5e8cfc2d5749e49f79bf6 *Disc TwoD2T03 - The Rhythm Method.flac
db87bcf4dabc5533ecc7eb72e3c24539 *Disc TwoD2T04 - Closer to the Heart.flac
627d793e2e89f8f811e72fa55cf39014 *Disc TwoD2T05 - Xanadu.flac
38f002f540790d954cb7da8d95b34fe8 *Disc TwoD2T06 - Superconductor.flac
39c048cdc6b3b063a84db6222aaa6581 *Disc TwoD2T07 - Tom Sawyer.flac
43647ba907f347f428a9e5acd71b8a75 *Disc TwoD2T08 - The Spirit of Radio.flac
2f5793d4b3b2eecf41367150569e0058 *Disc TwoD2T09 - 2112.flac
0c4a48188a8a5ad91576dd9d2c195b18 *Disc TwoD2T10 - Finding My Way.flac
8da246d3ea4f3a55f84e4a256d87602d *Disc TwoD2T11 - La Villa Strangiato.flac
ac6918459036ddd6244c8be7a8536a79 *Disc TwoD2T12 - Anthem.flac
a7a076902b81e64686a4487da750495e *Disc TwoD2T13 - Red Barchetta.flac
1cb4a7f2f2f569ffdaaf0d416dc59d6e *Disc TwoD2T14 - The Spirit of Radio.flac

rush1991 12 09b.jpg
rush1991 12 09f.jpg

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Release Notes

Lineage: Radio Shack Recorder w/ Built in Mics > Maxell XL ll Cas > Sony TC WE305 Cas Deck > AudioSource EQ 100 equalizer > CDR775 Audio CD Recorder (TAC)  Audio CD > Hiss Reduction w/ CEP > Track Split w/ CEP > Gap elimination with CEP > Other Editing > FLAC using TLH (Nickeh)

First of all, a big thanks to TAC for taping this show! This will be the first time the master cassette of this show has been transferred to CD and released, enjoy! There are cuts between several of the tracks.

Some problems with this one unfortunately. The right channel was louder and more distorted than the left, either recorded or transferred way to hot. Not much of a problem if it wasn't for the clicks, pops, and other such annoyances that occur throughout. This took away from the overall recording, on both channels, so in the end I decided to make the left channel both, effectively making this mono.

Please do not sell this show or convert to lossy formats.

Nickeh (


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