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Ron's Vault Release #6


Media: 1 CD Audio
Catalog: Rons Vault Release: RVR006
Source: Audience Master
Date: April 22, 1977
Location: Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York, USA

Working Man
Finding My Way
Working Man
Drum Solo
Fly By Night
In The Mood

Track No01.flac:01a824c2dca9c34421d1bcd1cc8dc338
Track No02.flac:0934b9cad5c4a646b2512c08160ffcf0
Track No03.flac:bcc300334163fcb5ead1c069bfa402bb
Track No04.flac:ed402bff30648b471444256aa45e9085
Track No05.flac:e10597583a819135643529ae8c7849fd
Track No06.flac:6c60e467d77c80e6de3d8372974e75a8
Track No07.flac:ab088becc5105a414d2272128505780d

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RVR6 disc.jpg
RVR6 front.jpg

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Release Notes

This is a literal in the back of the closet recording. I was contacted by the original owner for a trade via eTree, and at first, did not even believe it was legitimate. The guy only had about five Rush shows, so surely he could not have a for-real uncirculated show in his small collection? He told me this came from a cassette he got in trade years ago, and had been accumulating dust for a long time. Sure enough, this is
the real thing. Geddy clearly says the name of the city at the middle of In the Mood. While there are clearly songs missing, this all sounds to me like it comes from a single recording source, and so I feel quite confident about the date and venue.

Unfortunately, this recording is only about 35 minutes of what was a complete headlining set. So we are missing the songs that would have made this a true treasure The Necromancer, and a pre-release Xanadu. Nonetheless, 2112 is intact. (As an interesting aside for those of you who are familiar with the controversy surrounding the real date of the 10/25/76 show, listen to how Geddy introduces 2112 here. He says it is from our latest album, which runs contrary to other introductions he did at this time, and tends to throw a bit of a wrench in the analysis done by Junya Suzuki. The mystery continues, I suppose.)

As with the other volumes of these releases, the goal is 100% preservation. This means that I have done nothing to alter the sound of this recording, and I'm passing it on exactly as it came to me. With that in mind, I dont care where you torrent it or what you do with it. (Anyone who cares enough whether they have a lossless copy is going to be smart enough to be able to figure out whether they have a lossless copy).

Special thanks to the MVP for this release Nephronic for stepping up at the last minute to do the fantastic artwork.


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