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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-101
Source: Audience Master
Date: August 03, 2004
Location: Nissan Pavillion, Bristow, Virginia, USA

Disc #1 
b8d29b0b511c5b4762aebe077525b168 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T01.flac 
5c7bd8644059f28c0c62ca6395d4655b *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T02.flac 
285e071141a90eb97aa809564c205a6b *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T03.flac 
97c1cbe515fdffac8e090ca4d9db0690 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T04.flac 
e7751659e496c5a1efdc3680c838a556 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T05.flac 
0e0e8568364df668f5e78b51071eb3cb *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T06.flac 
e891bfe656998d86502d1d356a12bb91 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T07.flac 
ff35ba5b522077b1cc21e215d010c01a *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T08.flac 
7f7c989d3f6d74ad809d2cfd01ddc273 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T09.flac 
173beda82f2b8ac66e89447967d18013 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T10.flac 
4d54c6ae7ac849f5fc606097e4fc10e7 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T11.flac 
6fefb3bd60c8d689253eb724f390ea9a *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T12.flac 
d18da5c2bfe8f4596df3b3870241909c *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T13.flac 
b1e7a497f75da7af9bd03573f326102b *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D1T14.flac
Disc #2 
e2de5c10f249af7944b9e71c8bb59df2 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D2T01.flac 
3661acff83d9f5660b504b3015b56354 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D2T02.flac 
acbbd0c4bbe96a8f7b180fff3953c124 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D2T03.flac 
2b23bc0d06a6ce972326371bc5e4ffd6 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D2T04.flac 
6f999fa24940e5b3e44db8dcfa3542a8 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D2T05.flac 
5ed595d279cf841462b42f1a40287fc7 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D2T06.flac 
ecc3344a820d5b4433959b11ac1bfc6c *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D2T07.flac 
1b3612c0f8521b3efc47018de0c166c0 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D2T08.flac
Disc #3 
43c6291c0412c07325367aa477bca33a *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T01.flac 
6d93760260958d7fa1c650d3bc3ea9a1 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T02.flac 
878e7357f638e88900fdb4cc99db3c21 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T03.flac 
6383c4b4d6d18a3d86b7cd34fbac9810 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T04.flac 
e2fdab586254ae569519cbb1cf2d0b4c *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T05.flac 
6906fa2c63878b781bd1e901539ca087 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T06.flac 
35ecab3dc84daf83ae8f2b4095e6d540 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T07.flac 
9bc54a105f0e2263eb9e8a5da38ab8d7 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T08.flac 
1c1834a61d982bb5cc4aca93535da83a *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T09.flac 
79c9e624c1c2e5c7e350ce98e1588666 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T11.flac 
0666f8e24d55f33ad7cf8c40eda54131 *2004_08_03_Rush_TFT_D3T12.flac

2004 08 03 Rush TFT Back.jpg
2004 08 03 Rush TFT Gatefold.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

Release Notes

Tapers Notes
Opps. These tapes were thrown into a box shortly after the show and promptly forgotten about. In fact, I never listen to them until just a few weeks ago. And unfortunately I no longer have the ticket so I'm not even sure where I was sitting. Up close and by a speaker but that's about all I remember.

Production Notes
A better than average show from the R30 tour. All the instruments are well represented and the crowd is mostly quiet and respectful and the woo-woo guy doesn't appear to be sitting too close to the taper this night. Good for the taper and good for us! Not a lot was done to the raw source..... some lifting of the mid ranges with a slight decrease of the lower end with a boast in the stereo separation and a slight hard limit to bring out the LOUDNESS of the show but all in all, the taper did a good job.

Thanks, as always, goes out to Neph for the artwork.

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases!

Released February 2008 on The Alien Shore - As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.


   (Audio - 8.5)

SMP has done it again. Excellent recording.   (2008-03-02)

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