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The Rotterdam Experience


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 16, 2007
Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

ae36626a8181770f942adb9cd8d9d236 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-01.flac
33874da253e17470d6f80764819f6c43 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-02.flac
035e28f4331e4473453e2e53c0a96c87 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-03.flac
f6883ded208d2f695976ddf0d61dc7d0 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-04.flac
883c839a1a3ceed96840ecb453c120dd *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-05.flac
73115818e16dfea5effed0d4c48ca343 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-06.flac
9534eb4811671550194c9c2eab30d921 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-07.flac
0fe8764ede7edb0669e1c95744fd03f6 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-08.flac
7f01419ea2844a572e4583189a111fc5 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-09.flac
1e4ddeae5d1cd01c0aef6e1bd3d6dc0b *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-10.flac
e613917d7478dda9ba083cfdddb7849e *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-11.flac
5d74a6092d345271a9ff0cbb8a4f2ed3 *Disc 12007-10-16 TRE D1-12.flac
f3e52bbe7b8b63c7962f0bff5ea68691 *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-01.flac
bd1c4aa99ae60dfef8923837263be56f *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-02.flac
9c63369fce7dd187bb895d80e7b2d7ab *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-03.flac
92b9293a44a8dd37d0375d8073ece879 *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-04.flac
4648f773777c1868d57c9b906b4b8079 *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-05.flac
a9cfa55a14da51021e166bfd2f103f0e *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-06.flac
28e5d67cb95dedadca7c9f77e4326b40 *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-07.flac
c6d55d0ce647003f92694e464c0eef29 *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-08.flac
d5030126d6678ff501a07dcc7c28bdef *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-09.flac
13cf5ce0286c0d44d37e5b1e5103ab4c *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-10.flac
7f0254ab830eb564184314573ea62a7a *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-11.flac
6c6ff7b76ca3ad73d1ec5767f299cbc6 *Disc 22007-10-16 TRE D2-12.flac
4a5c8b9114df0c5fad85f73b5fb9a881 *Disc 32007-10-16 TRE D3-01.flac
70385692c6298b27136d65f32755e23b *Disc 32007-10-16 TRE D3-02.flac
b500e8a09e837cfcece5d79c1e523b8e *Disc 32007-10-16 TRE D3-03.flac
3cabaae2cbe208b93d10180382611e32 *Disc 32007-10-16 TRE D3-04.flac
9173d9a2d396023469cfa345a1e148e9 *Disc 32007-10-16 TRE D3-05.flac
16c1a43199ab181f19264a843a0bbe0c *Disc 32007-10-16 TRE D3-06.flac
0896647af23329c08010b63b4748dc3d *Disc 32007-10-16 TRE D3-07.flac

Rush The Rotterdam Experience Back.jpg
Rush The Rotterdam Experience Booklet.jpg
Rush The Rotterdam Experience Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Release Notes

Recorded by   :  YYZ
Equipment     :  Sony MZ-RH1 Hi-MD - Sony Micro ECM - 719 & Soundman OKM II Pop + A3-box
Mastering     :  SonyStage 4 -> Audacity -> Nero
Recording is  :  Audience
Position      :  From Track 3 on in front of soundboard

EAC -> Wav -> Traders Little Helper -> flac

Story: First part of the show was recorded with that Sony HI-MD and the Sony Mic_s in PCM mode, during the show they changed to OKM Pop mics and HI-MD mode cause they only had one media per show. Security that night was hell as the show was filmed for the upcoming DVD.


This recording was produced by fans for fans.
Do not ever convert this show to mp3.
Do not sell ever.

This recording has been checked for SBE.


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   (Audio - 7.5)

Overall this is a nice recording. There are some fluctuations during the first few songs but then it smooths out nicely. I would actually rate the first disc at 8.5 but disc two and three have issues. The main issue on disc two and three is the low end. The low end is overbearing and even difficult to control with EQ. The bass drum is very present and not in a good way. With EQ it is bearable and the other instruments are well balanced therefore I gave the show and overall rating of 7.5.   (2008-02-22)

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