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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 17, 2007
Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands

3f64d83f75b0419649c3c51a43ae197b *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-01.flac
736d3799d38b87ab26e1168c386aba79 *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-02.flac
e2614ce0703177077979052da12cdd0f *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-03.flac
d1649cf27d82be326ebdab373d541dcf *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-04.flac
0995c6bcc4b10ac56db3f7692a8ec20f *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-05.flac
3466d555750539d80dbc2088b05a7060 *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-06.flac
17813e9ceba48adfd2ba89a9fae71df5 *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-07.flac
f49005b57a910c9ad1ddf2fe5ec47512 *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-08.flac
0ed74b4aa0e14596ba8b2db947ec8634 *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-09.flac
46335ec13432a647d82588e2d24d50a0 *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-10.flac
c9a43491be7ecb34732822f0faf44150 *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-11.flac
2270daf82cd797881f52f87ad0ef3409 *Disc 12007-10-17 RA D1-12.flac
c1f7cba194a1013d52cf4d13bbf66ee5 *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-01.flac
9259c0a2f88f80d8991bf87c3843699c *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-02.flac
18c22e65268824c82b68413aef0821d6 *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-03.flac
2865713ec215e2285643d7b88a5aa192 *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-04.flac
6538d8b38fa969082b36e13d3441c2a3 *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-05.flac
2d05dd82e43c0fdb4e25abfa3159a0d3 *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-06.flac
096f7e4a4a61d250b9ec7c64689b7acf *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-07.flac
959c2cd4c04b356ac645dbdda7d16e5f *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-08.flac
71f91d12d41fd8848f43707eb1976cba *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-09.flac
599494a1876f766d0add560b7b92a117 *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-10.flac
89ca2258fbcb5127bf3971f537116b0f *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-11.flac
838c130d5e164f180349ab94eb7fac52 *Disc 22007-10-17 RA D2-12.flac
bf334c12a2b1b9437c361435a2d315a1 *Disc 32007-10-17 RA D3-01.flac
ac5ee1b7c04f52ef85da6b8122ec43ce *Disc 32007-10-17 RA D3-02.flac
a946e04b7cc71155901b45c33c924824 *Disc 32007-10-17 RA D3-03.flac
dea593fe2813f56db25bfef35f585819 *Disc 32007-10-17 RA D3-04.flac
5ea87c241392343738b3a3e2b16e918f *Disc 32007-10-17 RA D3-05.flac
d3fa20a3f14523ce96974e609c123d0d *Disc 32007-10-17 RA D3-06.flac
1c3c596ca5b204e70250cf9f0ec119a3 *Disc 32007-10-17 RA D3-07.flac

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Release Notes

Recorded by   :  YYZ
Equipment     :  Sony MZ-RH1 Hi-MD - Sony Micro ECM - 719 & Soundman OKM II Pop + A3-box
Mastering     :  SonyStage 4 -> Audacity -> Nero
Recording is  :  Audience
Position      :  From Track 3 on in front of soundboard

EAC -> Wav -> Traders Little Helper -> flac

Story: First part of the show was recorded with that Sony HI-MD and the Sony Mic_s in PCM mode, during the show they changed to OKM Pop mics and HI-MD mode cause they only had one media per show. Security that night was hell as the show was filmed for the upcoming DVD.


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