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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 21, 2007
Location: SAP Arena, Mannheim, Germany

5b3d563cbb75247eef3ea995fc419d3e *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-01.flac
605d3fdf8d76b2cf3868b50c1617de01 *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-02.flac
adc0da8333a5e5ff02bf6f68d73fff50 *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-03.flac
210f67439c5d6bd00afe97e2ea57fe1a *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-04.flac
758474c47d018d3ad2228a3099c03576 *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-05.flac
951cd8ce34203695a23ed4167ed56c4d *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-06.flac
d1218312069acfd22aab45227b3caae0 *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-07.flac
7c5855ca5721cd75d6480c10bb8b0e0e *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-08.flac
b615d923c90474a0a6baaa63924b996d *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-09.flac
d55aa88c1159de91ddbfd931b1c3ae02 *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-10.flac
fbc0ffb2413bd41c58744cff48f8f4ee *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-11.flac
9bf3a677ddbe4b5aa9378fa96febb07c *Disc 12007-10-21 GNF D1-12.flac
17fc5a0be6452bd62bd1da0d6d6e2de2 *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-01.flac
ca6e54597c1cecac1beb2ff5a04657fa *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-02.flac
5d3c67b20b56fdc1a837a921176aace2 *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-03.flac
c5246e040b8397a7e32e36e623bb575c *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-04.flac
39c2760a1016a68364d275f50d34c99e *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-05.flac
1179a5fec172d34d9dcf5bd358984f13 *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-06.flac
c2b7fba26092c67ae6133e79325e20a4 *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-07.flac
5da03305c5f7712ab8b4504b95cdf18b *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-08.flac
c669c344e63dc54a81f3988b088602d0 *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-09.flac
249e3669ef527ade828448eacb334ccf *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-10.flac
91bc034ce109f59d68e4f8e6aff43873 *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-11.flac
bfdbb714fba205d8522ee944ecba5dec *Disc 22007-10-21 GNF D2-12.flac
90aa0e572751a3b463ee1f26ec4c0088 *Disc 32007-10-21 GNF D3-01.flac
0155227019f3bea92d95fb47d2c4e2a4 *Disc 32007-10-21 GNF D3-02.flac
a497d7e9dd13359f852943d8ab6b63d8 *Disc 32007-10-21 GNF D3-03.flac
456c78fec42056f038cf61544186dbb2 *Disc 32007-10-21 GNF D3-04.flac
88d97a3eae2c7ee437e105e3d2ade21d *Disc 32007-10-21 GNF D3-05.flac
4fa49c223cc90434d4e55bd380ea461e *Disc 32007-10-21 GNF D3-06.flac
2754f2b5a73c154615205c287731aba5 *Disc 32007-10-21 GNF D3-07.flac

Good News First Back.jpg
Good News First Front.jpg

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Release Notes

Recorded by   :  YYZ
Equipment     :  Sony MZ-RH1 Hi-MD - Sony Micro ECM
Mastering     :  SonyStage 4 -> Audacity -> Nero
Recording is  :  Audience
Position      :  In front of soundboard

EAC -> Wav -> Traders Little Helper -> flac

Story: No story about this show. The recording gear was the same for the whole show. As the night before the first part was recorded in PCM, the rest in HI-MD mode.

This recording was produced by fans for fans.
Do not ever convert this show to mp3.
Do not sell ever.

This recording has been checked for SBE.


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