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Oslo Norway 2007 (rat6464)


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 26, 2007
Location: Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

da1c1ed4133e8b9a552b67277c6564cd *info.txt
9932cd7ae23facf1b56d36cf6f3d26de *Disc 11 - Limelight.flac
7f9de0cbe47e2debd3d03ce5f86d09d6 *Disc 12 - Digital Man.flac
72e82556cf05000ff9c732ceca0f54cb *Disc 13 - Entre Nous.flac
6308c0ee949d122a0a0c68e4c58935fc *Disc 14 - Mission.flac
eb7ed9ebdd052a5697b1b9705d041287 *Disc 15 - Freewill.flac
79a57474d363b907c84430697b683473 *Disc 16 - The Main Monkey Business.flac
a626137ce71b9b060711ab942d25cf48 *Disc 17 - The Larger Bow.flac
dd83ff1caadb9fa340076a1e469a9814 *Disc 18 - Secret Touch.flac
f9fce13ab05316420f772f806922021e *Disc 19 - Circumstances.flac
a0c58b79e7918851802ca0ca4bfdd058 *Disc 110 - Between The Wheels.flac
f1ed574832c6a22eff965731fc5c97db *Disc 111 - Dreamline.flac
c7688cbb0da7f625f398a9a1f0bce835 *Disc 212 - intro.flac
4c8d5cb40796cd36167cb1109a525c6a *Disc 213 - Far Cry.flac
13dabcbd32b6b60feff34b84f563f75c *Disc 214 - Working Them Angels.flac
4168392ea8d2dfe3f719e778b945d09b *Disc 215 - Armor & Sword.flac
a33d45b9eca4784ef45bb85f7953ae5f *Disc 216 - Spindrift.flac
f28ecca4fc14f0004e107784d15f1e7b *Disc 217 - The Way The Wind Blows.flac
4adb4ffd7ed441353c95c9951540c5ad *Disc 218 - Subdivisions.flac
a3b862b3e341872f715b1c03caed68e1 *Disc 219 - Natural Science.flac
d4a003055578aaafc8ea6b463b7ba8f4 *Disc 220 - Witch Hunt.flac
62c0690d5965a1721f7cf518ce8e8984 *Disc 321 - Malignant Narcissism.flac
520968fa3382e4fc4e35b92b890e616a *Disc 322 - drum solo.flac
9533e8762143851ce57ca61bb9176f2f *Disc 323 - Norwegian Wood - Hope.flac
9b857a91a71fb742e3e3bd18e9f50716 *Disc 324 - Distant Early Warning.flac
14ee4a69073bb33df37c579d76765287 *Disc 325 - The Spirit Of Radio.flac
a9361086d13eb8828d1501bb2b728151 *Disc 326 - Tom Sawyer.flac
07cc06d4ae93c5e3d029477be9131ba5 *Disc 327 - One Little Victory.flac
dd94d74806ad2c5e89121a86ef6d6c32 *Disc 328 - A Passage To Bangkok.flac
81dc7973ada1b1cb05e34c0df079169a *Disc 329 - YYZ.flac

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Release Notes

WARNING! For completists only! The sound is distorted due to clipping.

Recording and mastering by rat6464.

Lineage:  SP-BMC-2 binaural mics -> SP-SPSB-10 battery module w/bass roll-off at 888Hz -> Sony MZ-N910 MD recorder -> analogue transfer to PC -> CoolEditPro 2 ->wav -> flac level 5.

This was definitely not my night for taping a rock concert! On the day of the show I drove more than 950 km by car (don\'t ask), and in my geniosity I decided that this was the night for testing my new small binaural microphones. I\'m not sure if the recording failed because of the mics not being good enough, or the fact that in my tiredness I left the mic input sensitivity at the "high" position. The record level was set correctly.

In addition to this, I had problems with one of the discs, which I hadn\'t formatted. And on the bloody disc there was some protected tracks which I couldn\'t remember how to remove. That\'s why the most of tracks 25 and 26 is missing.


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