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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 26, 2007
Location: Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

Disc 11 Intro.flac:d94f94bcd767381e35f5e8be697e1985
Disc 12 Limelight.flac:54d5ed5dbadca4ba94811a6c542828b3
Disc 13 Digital Man.flac:aa83fe6540f7edc0d5458468c0d06d0a
Disc 14 Entre Nous.flac:aae6632a828abf6a1a0598ed353a8b9b
Disc 15 Mission.flac:d8775ff77762b375d9db16a64c4f53ef
Disc 16 Freewill.flac:edfa6e8940505eb0b41c65140d5509df
Disc 17 The Main Monkey Business.flac:9628b888edf319ffce28efc421333456
Disc 18 The Larger Bowl.flac:88e2b301395e0e69b3710eaed0b44b79
Disc 19 Secret Touch.flac:08b410aad4c18c14e9d1e6b0eee66f5f
Disc 110 Circumstances.flac:00c2a4a0ea0ca423f39110900bcfc79f
Disc 111 Between The Wheels.flac:3161024f7a0b4f329cc8c35ba90cb9ab
Disc 112 Dreamline.flac:1a23f6a0fcd28352150e88faac4acaf9
Disc 21 Intro disc 2.flac:9a457956b735b71be760f156a8de0df9
Disc 22 Far Cry.flac:2f19dab786e5c4fece82c0bfd25f60bf
Disc 23 Workin' Them Angels.flac:ace7a5cd961078e5467444499086a32f
Disc 24 Armor And Sword.flac:de6c587a9b8e3fa9de29d3b8109fb734
Disc 25 Spindrift.flac:281ec58e85d3da0af102679d657074f2
Disc 26 The Way The Wind Blows.flac:7349552aa012809988c65c7523dfbcbe
Disc 27 Subdivisions.flac:95279f11fbcb234c6eea60912a02d4ee
Disc 28 Natural Science.flac:1579958519e7ccf882eb9f0a19aee426
Disc 29 Witch Hunt.flac:034543567c476cea2c4c021884e0158c
Disc 31 Malignant Narcissism.flac:823fd00258de9452d9bcb2d29637b69c
Disc 32 Drum solo.flac:1fb40cd0b63513864dfdff9c0bc11765
Disc 33 Hope.flac:4cb20eaeb193f8192791691c9852ede5
Disc 34 Distant Early Warning.flac:be2e45e234d3f211fc5a6a3a42d37957
Disc 35 Spirit Of Radio.flac:bd1a5d22533aa40a3d0445494f048a84
Disc 36 Lil' Rush.flac:9153e55eba1a4f07d5383e19c615e31e
Disc 37 Tom Sawyer.flac:85ace734c9d6c0d2976129de68904116
Disc 38 One Little Victory.flac:346b0f644d44c7f02a662c108f5dd505
Disc 39 A Passage To Bangkok.flac:e09fffc29dcd6e03c3f77a377577f62c
Disc 310 YYZ.flac:7eadb64c01fedf5d4c8d433008ab5fe1

Rush Oslo 261007 back.jpg
Rush Oslo 261007 backtray.jpg
Rush Oslo 261007 front.jpg
Rush Oslo 261007 fronttray.jpg

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Release Notes

Taper: Yono66

Equipment: TCD-D100 w/ECM719 via (manual rec level setting, -20db sens.)

Lineage: master dat - philips standalone cd-recorder - cdrw - cooledit - waw - flac - dime. Cuesheet editor for track splitting. No eq'ing, but disc 2 and 3 (set2) were boosted 6db to make the volume of the show more even. I added suitable fade ins and outs.

Sound quality: VG+ (a little bit too trebly so you might wanna turn it down a bit for more enjoyful listening, especially in headphones).


I woke up on friday morning ready for an easy planetrip to the capitol, but plans were soon to be altered. To start it all off, I overslept!! Waking up at the time I already should have been to my friends house. With no time to lose, I ran round the house, grabbed my stuff and rushed to the car. Of course I hit the morning rush-hour, traffic was heavy and so was the fog!! At the time I didn't notice the latter much, all I could think of was to pick up my travelpartner and get to the airport in time. We arrived only 20min. before departure, but got the message straight away that all planes were delayed because of the fog. Well, some 75min. later the final message came through, that our flight was cancelled, and all passengers had to be re-routed to Oslo via bus!! What the FU...!! A bustrip meant almost 8-9 hours on the road, and with the concert starting around 7.30 pm, we were beginning to run out of time. Still, after some back and forth we were ready to hit the road just after 11 o'clock am. However, we soon began to make alternative plans. My friend phoned some buddies who were riding in a car a couple of km. behind the bus. Luckily for us, they had 2 seats available. Thank god!! For the first time this day things were starting to go our way. After 3 hours on the bus, it stopped for the scheduled food and drinks. We had barely got out when our saviours came driving. The timing couldn't have been better. The rest of the trip went rather smoothly, except for a 30min. hold-up due to a "car-hitting-a-moose-accident" (remember folks, this is rural Norway).

We arrived outside the venue 55 minutes before showstart, which also gave us the time to check in at our hotel just across the street. Getting the gear inside the venue was not a problem, and now you can hear the result. Quality isn't superb, but it's an enjoyable souvenir from a somewhat stressful day.

Many thanks to the driver and owner of the car for getting us there safely and on time!!

This is meant for free trade only and should never be sold for money anywhere!! Please honor the trading community etiquette: Keep it in lossless format if you trade it. Make it lossy only for your personal use.

PS: As many fans already know, the last time Rush played in Norway the calendar said: "May 1979!!"




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