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Media: 2 CD Audio
Catalog: No Tech Solutions: NTS-RUS-004
Source: Audience
Date: May 24, 1983
Location: Royal Highland Agricultural Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh, U.K.

3 Stooges Intro   0:46
The Spirit of Radio   4:53
Tom Sawyer   5:13
Freewill   5:49
Digital Man   7:07
Subdivisions   5:31
Vital Signs   5:23
The Camera Eye   7:08
Closer to the Heart   3:34
The Analog Kid   5:11
Broons Bane   1:39
The Trees   4:46

Red Barchetta   6:25
The Weapon   7:58
New World Man   .4:11
Limelight   4:50
Countdown   6:09
2112 (Overture/ToS)   6:42
Xanadu   2:35
La Villa Strangiato   3:20
In the Mood   3:41
YYZ / Drum Solo   14:29

f9038231b8760f20d0ec82502fcbf988 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t01.flac
3abc812f78bcaed9b9b90d8a43cc5845 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t02.flac
c48f8e6b0dc5e48c93ffe41aa5fa7a90 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t03.flac
458e990980da8c1015e5f15c2734f16d *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t04.flac
f8096022c6fdbb3e5b1cc218eb04dd52 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t05.flac
5a35a798af0dfd83efe6d830f6317693 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t06.flac
f4accc2bd6561751832c51ae65d57563 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t07.flac
0f0bcedc2749e956aa21b45a52c57781 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t08.flac
3e9a9f2cff38ec6546ec779d059adaff *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t09.flac
8d4ff6d2df2f322bb105e7f385e448ae *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t10.flac
6b4b177a76176230d3ca3c53018c2f68 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t11.flac
91fdd56867de6a28f32d47be9d519572 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d1t12.flac
a79c67797293da39f7dd6a98d40289ed *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d2t01.flac
65db96269bb81e2cd2348777f6ccdae9 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d2t02.flac
7bdd899d0fe3c27b0cbc7bdd04c3c7ec *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d2t03.flac
a18338cd57576c9bec17fe4cb8a06316 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d2t04.flac
e7e3dfba5f683d57af6bda62b265515f *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d2t05.flac
604c9513d5f3f9f406a1dc0a3b948aa4 *1983-05-24_Lost_Signal_d2t06.flac

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TLS front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

   (Audio - 7)

This is a rare recording from the second last night of the Signals tour.  The extraction from the original C120 tape was very hissy. I have done a cleanup on that and some EQ to try and lose some annoying frequencies and generally improve it. It's still not great but there is only so much you can do with a recording which is quite noisy and distorted in the first place.  Thanks to Mickpaz for the tape, The Old Dog for persuading him to make the tape available and performing the extraction. Also thanks to Nephronic for the artwork.  BaldiePete

Extra Notes
Indeed this is a rare show it took 24 years for it to come out and is a companion piece for Mad Cows and Scotsmen. As far as the sound is concerned, if the master was available that would be better but it's not. No matter enjoy.The Old Dog


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