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Poughkeepsie NY 1980 Jan 26


Media: 1 CDr Audio
Time: 66:39
Catalog: Analog Kid Audio Video: AKAV-012680
Source: Presumed second generation analog cassette from soundboard
Telephone Interview
Date: January 26, 1980
January 14, 1980
Location: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

Jacob’s Ladder   7:44
Working Man   3:38
Finding My Way   0:24
Anthem   1:41
Bastille Day   1:30
In the Mood   2:46
Drum Solo   5:55
La Villa Strangiato   9:54
We’ll Meet Again (Vera Lynn)   1:43
Jan 14 1980 Geddy Lee Scene magazine interview   31:22

There is no artwork available for this title.

Average Rating:Audio: 8.75

Analog Kid Audio Video
   (Audio - 8.5)

This is the third production of the Poughkeepsie soundboard to circulate on CD.  This production is sourced from the same analog cassette tape as the two previous versions; however, this version has notable improvements due to special care taken during each stage of the mastering process.

The cassette was meticulously set to its correct speed directly from the playback deck.  After converting the analog tape to a digital file, the left and right channels were painstakingly adjusted throughout the duration of the recording to maintain a consistent output level.  The two channels were time aligned by summing to mono to correct phase problems between them.  Numerous glitches during Neil’s drum solo were repaired with surgical precision.  Audible ticks during La Villa Strangiato were removed manually, rather than using an automated declicker program that could adversely damage the program material.  Last but not least, the loss of fidelity in the right channel during Jacob’s Ladder (most likely caused by a clogged head while dubbing the source tape) has been minimized.  No EQ was used, because the possible benefit of EQ was not enough to warrant the probable side effects of EQ processing.  Waves’ L3 Multimaximizer was used sparingly to normalize the final program to a maximum level of -0.2 dB.

The result is the most transparent and true-to-source production available of this recording.  Despite speculations that the source tape is a first-generation dub from the master, there are at least two layers of hiss on the tape following the program.  If the source tape was indeed a first-generation dub, there would only be one layer of hiss.  Thus, the source tape must be a second-generation copy at best.  (The easiest way to determine this is to count the “clicks” that are caused at the end of an analog tape when recording stops.  If there is more than one click, the tape is almost certainly a copy of a copy).  Consequently, this production contains some degree of tape hiss - as do virtually all of the greatest recordings ever made.  Listeners who cannot tolerate hiss are advised to reduce the treble control on your amplifier, as this method is unconditionally preferable to destructive noise reduction processing.  Noise reduction, especially inexpensive consumer types, should essentially NEVER be used.

Because of the limitations of the source tape due to its age and generation, this recording rates 8.5.  I rate the previous two productions of this show lower than 8.5.

The telephone interview with Geddy that concludes this production is a digital clone of a CD produced from the master cassette.  Ironically, the source for the telephone interview was processed with noise reduction.  Analog Kid Audio Video was unable to obtain a raw source without noise reduction.

Special thanks to DK Broiler for selflessly sharing his soundboard recording, and to Jim Clevo for contributing the telephone interview with Geddy.

Please send an email with your trading list to arrange trades.  Tapers and collectors holding master tapes are especially welcomed.


Modern Day Warrior Recordingzzz
   (Audio - 9)

This recording rocks, plain and simple. This version was really thoroughly worked on by Analog Kid and the time and patience he spent with it makes this def. the definitive edition. A must have. Hopefully one day the whole show will surface. Special kudos to DK Broiler fro bringing this source out to the masses.   (2008-03-26)

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