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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: February 01, 1994
Location: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Intro   1:53
Dreamline   5:07
The Spirit of Radio   5:02
The Analog Kid   5:19
Cold Fire   5:28
Time Stand Still   5:40
Nobody's Hero   5:29
Roll The Bones   6:07
Animate   6:40
Stick It Out   6:10
Double Agent   5:19
Limelight   4:37

Mystic Rhythms   5:29
Closer To The Heart   4:39
Show Don't Tell   5:33
Leave That Thing Alone   5:51
Drum Solo   7:30
The Trees   5:15
Xanadu   6:47
Hemispheres Prelude   3:29
Tom Sawyer   4:35
Force Ten   4:56
YYZ   5:52

disk 1Track 101-fixed.flac:2d6504d51a085cf90206678d99117a17
disk 1Track 102-fixed.flac:0fcf89e4f10c0984d25ba232048515e9
disk 1Track 103-fixed.flac:c19f866dfa8a86f9599cbe0fc8c513e1
disk 1Track 104-fixed.flac:709409f3f6d66de9267ec130b6cc129a
disk 1Track 105-fixed.flac:eec3bef3ed639210f2010a9a39eab3b1
disk 1Track 106-fixed.flac:e2237824d3a4178d19414c8ceb44791c
disk 1Track 107-fixed.flac:f8a69253a8f9eed15894db0c69d8f24a
disk 1Track 108-fixed.flac:71d61bddf545395197d8201e799bbab8
disk 1Track 109-fixed.flac:b12b28562b0dc149a56f5d59991c07eb
disk 1Track 110-fixed.flac:b9f40f6c48d3f7fcadc84acb9e4d296c
disk 1Track 111-fixed.flac:0d500b8e9831f6e5a56051b799063059
disk 1Track 112-fixed.flac:eb82905fea19e487d65d10056e107467
disk 2Track 201-fixed.flac:51853e149e8437c0b782504f79afb724
disk 2Track 202-fixed.flac:c67871a3bc61f29baf99151b1b4ab0fd
disk 2Track 203-fixed.flac:c8fcfd6cd42cae466cb2c29141a8a4bf
disk 2Track 204-fixed.flac:a0bf26046b4b9604ca0a58f68d8b74e1
disk 2Track 205-fixed.flac:b559c61cab4d320b1d5f47ca6504cd1d
disk 2Track 206-fixed.flac:28e9814686296d6dd2abdaa18768d038
disk 2Track 207-fixed.flac:973debad657bd5951bc1cf6b44a8975d
disk 2Track 208-fixed.flac:a9f2ba2dca12a39848a1e2724abb576f
disk 2Track 209-fixed.flac:923b67869b3538e89703f29d2e8686e9
disk 2Track 210-fixed.flac:cd8e16669bc4f76741758cf6af28d7ac
disk 2Track 211-fixed.flac:7e981ef4b100288c93413ddbe1b501de

Rush 1994 02 01 Phoenix AZ back.jpg
Rush 1994 02 01 Phoenix AZ front.jpg
Rush 1994 02 01 Phoenix AZ tray.jpg

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Release Notes

Sold Out Show

Taper: Glenn G.
Recording: Audience 12th row center floor
Source: Maxell XLII Chrome Tape from DAT MASTER
Transfer: DENON DR-M11 > Sound Blaster Live!5.1 > Wave pad > flac level 6 (flac frontend)

Released February 12, 2008.
This version has never been previously released.
There is a small skip in Mystic Rhythms.

First set of ID files went out omitting disc 1 track 6 (Time Stand Still) from the set.  A new set of ID files has been created and this text file has been modified to show this and the MD5 file has been recreated to verify the entire set.  Thanks to Rush Hub user SchneiderPA for bringing this to my attention.  -Prevost3000.  3:00pm 2008-02-16.

This is the second repair of this fileset.  Rush Hub moderator derrydale found that the entire set has SBE (sector boundary errors)  I did not check the set for that initially because I was not familiar with that term.  Trader's Little Helper was used to repair the SBE errors 1 disc at a time in 2 batches.  All the tracks were augmented with "-fixed" in the filename and I added [FIXED SBE] to the ID filenames and the folder.  Thank you for your patience. -Prevost3000.  3:00pm 2008-02-17.

Submitted by BonoLifeson and thanks to Prevost3000 for the inspiration.


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