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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 65:39 38:44 60:35
Catalog: The Unholy Alliance: TUA-014
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 10, 2007
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England

ed60e062020b6995a944b2c06c5b1b5a *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t01.flac 
4917ede19f57216cdab91d559125da2e *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t02.flac 
112d3927b871a526525d1d66d458f0d8 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t03.flac 
929097ab0b523a0a6450c2b5d14f0f79 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t04.flac 
b3ec2817146561e867bd670bd216dabc *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t05.flac 
15513fcc936b06a24fd678f859580396 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t06.flac 
6fc43d9b05e208ad423349c8851d3c2b *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t07.flac 
cd39fadd4bc6ef7cc68acae3645f22d1 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t08.flac 
57f0e5b5b1c70a06ca529e1d8bdadd91 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t09.flac 
8164ddbf7c1b4d760f58d4c7a32b16f4 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t10.flac 
2be3046f45b87089fb4b6303a96ea564 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t11.flac 
81e8f54d3ac23a956af74278db9e72c0 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d1t12.flac 
1a8d520ebf0401918fe90d90a7571b38 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d2t01.flac 
53076f538f0156d6bd537757a29a94b7 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d2t02.flac 
78ceb51ffc9f3c21543b3343e54f1a07 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d2t03.flac 
29a442d621d6ece7ee880e86d666985c *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d2t04.flac 
29aa3a620e9b8ee2197e338aee805e89 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d2t05.flac 
d8e02b76bfb1662f99ba7ff3d6f03620 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d2t06.flac 
8ccb9d63e0dd5634752c8657a4b711d2 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d2t07.flac 
e08fad5bbc39ae0ee02e8b6576097801 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t01.flac 
d9c8ab767364d02a8283be3c72433504 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t02.flac 
265a9d949d7a1a521718cfc03f166bf0 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t03.flac 
e33f1a207eda2537e802692f9dcae0d5 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t04.flac 
dba31e7189322b412f92108035e46f1a *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t05.flac 
6437a66d6620244fbbc1579c1f163b22 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t06.flac 
29f0a26ab8fcd77d0b17b44836eb9a21 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t07.flac 
430f61bdd118d4a0a3f72a859cb3c72f *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t08.flac 
a0d118d8ecbe20071fcc14b836f2e748 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t09.flac 
ae98c3b5b7f1e79bf6d5aa852f7d4574 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t10.flac 
8017c729dafa2a8d9ed50243fd265078 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t11.flac 
09dfacd2fe8f5f4afaa2ebf2ddec7e5a *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t12.flac 
f4c9d2dcc560166439476f76e8126e0b *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t13.flac 
939306942d453de41445b31e52a1de52 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t14.flac 
66553c6f097ff005d4185b022599450e *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV14_d3t15.flac

UOTS14 back.jpg
UOTS14 disc1.jpg
UOTS14 disc2.jpg
UOTS14 disc3.jpg
UOTS14 front.jpg
UOTS14 gatefold.jpg

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Release Notes

Tapers : Jimmy G
Source : Master MD
Extraction : Sony MZ-RH1 -- Sonic Stage -- HDD
Mastering : Adobe Audition (mastering, Gebs)
Grading : Ex
Catalogue : TUA-014
Artwork : Nephronic

Recording info

Sony MZ-NH1 -- SP1 (107Hz) -- AT829

Mastering notes:

Bass enhancement and HL on clappers, slight reduction
on the high end



Tapers notes :

My first go at taping with proper gear, no problems getting through security
although some people were being searched.
I was 8th row on Geddy's side, had a pretty clear view which got even better
when the person in front sat down after the first couple of songs.
Audience around me seemed fairly quiet throughout the show, didn't notice
any talking, shouting or dodgy singing.
Big thanks to The Old Dog for supplying the recording technology and to
Gebs for the masterful mastering.



This recording was produced by fans for fans.
Do not ever convert this show to mp3.
Do not sell ever.

This recording has been checked for SBE.

Torrenting is fine with the group on this, however
you should always follow text file rules for any release
due to the fact that it is polite (at least)

Please share and trade freely in your own fan base domain.
Support the artist and always buy official releases.
And always get this text file you know

Released February 2008


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