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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 64:56 37:39 59:58
Catalog: The Unholy Alliance: TUA-017
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 12, 2007
Location: Birmingham NEC Arena, London, England

3e3a735581705f072399b5580e514eb3 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t01.flac 
f1dead3a7055e84e97913ada633ffa3d *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t02.flac 
c7838d61a60c1511bcc8d5b0f209ac66 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t03.flac 
3c965e0e83e5a540a7c7bc9c15569919 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t04.flac 
0f2e2ca682f6bfa00cf79ba56c515011 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t05.flac 
b11da14c4c9ecfe4c0e29944c0fe1714 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t06.flac 
511073d17d6de5078fb151a0b0fcfbe6 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t07.flac 
7b406486418cac34103052aeffaa24c4 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t08.flac 
39e96ce58af50b812d722be8904a2913 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t09.flac 
c0a659ec5c1f9b8a7443fdbfc8004596 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t10.flac 
4823bb0aac64d5a1acaba86ec11717c9 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t11.flac 
bdc5761015c43fdb7692ba6e255a8f25 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d1t12.flac 
c84ae42749cb6d07edb9bed445c9ce95 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d2t01.flac 
487a5208dd98edf9ff56aad6b584e5cf *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d2t02.flac 
bd948097dc36a23a2b69ab531257415f *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d2t03.flac 
909ccb23847335994434ec05e34e15fe *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d2t04.flac 
8f009a926987972fad4ceab46a475478 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d2t05.flac 
58eb7992ee3ec69f16c69a54d8ca43d6 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d2t06.flac 
480c48ea5679b11b413dc988c7ba7d8b *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d2t07.flac 
9f4ab315e33c918c703bc4b730ee76a3 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t01.flac 
c2950d2dec286ee54361a2fee36f9e9c *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t02.flac 
c7e4183b11cc5d97d57c9fdb2b15c3e4 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t03.flac 
e03433d3f5c76a3bde779fda1829a562 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t04.flac 
9b6f482dd47bd1f844aab6d14ea1bbad *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t05.flac 
da876fd1e09307a96b86e897a3445c8e *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t06.flac 
137ee34a51d6ceb7174a1ffd9373a182 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t07.flac 
06f5d40ebee4ea0bb2c693d83b876025 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t08.flac 
14a3675998b48ddc389b72f9699443b9 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t09.flac 
ffeeac6c76774ce00c6a4fd1e529a0a5 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t10.flac 
ec4310da9da705051bcf489f12faefcb *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t11.flac 
fe2394b5ef5ccd10d92ffd2aa7bf5f28 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t12.flac 
6ace71a77f30fb91faa8d55213050831 *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t13.flac 
0bbe7b1fa066ff882e37baffbea9432c *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t14.flac 
74fbd2875eab1109fa6bf515e5a6b0af *Rush_2007-10-12_UotSV17_d3t15.flac

UOTS17 back.jpg
UOTS17 disc1.jpg
UOTS17 disc2.jpg
UOTS17 disc3.jpg
UOTS17 front.jpg
UOTS17 gatefold.jpg

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Release Notes

Tapers : BaldiePete
Source : Master HiMD
Extraction : Sonic Stage
Mastering : Adobe Audition (mastering, BaldiePete)
Grading : Ex
Catalogue : TUA-017
Artwork : Nephronic

Recording info
sony MZNH1 - batt box -- AT829 Binaurual

Mastering notes:
I finally get to master a recording I made myself ! It was a nice sounding raw that I tightened up the mid frequencies on and cut an annoying buzz from the cymbals.


Tapers notes :
This was my second attempt to record on this tour, my first at Newcastle having suffered from some problems. Unfortunately, there was a technical hitch extracting from the MD to PC and the whole show was not captured. What I do have will still be released (but not as part of the Union Of The Snake series). I'll gloss over the fact that I had been drinking heavily before the gig, forgot I was recording and at the end of the BtW solo shouted my appreciation out loud. Woops ! Nailed it !

Anyhoo, onwards to Birmingham and this show where the pressure was on to make my contribution to the Unholy Alliance taping effort. Having felt like crap on the train up from London I decided to miss out on the TNMS binge-drinking session at the Little Owl (perhaps wise after my Newcastle exerience) and turned up for the gig fresh and fighting fit. My seat was excellent, 11th row, dead centre. There has been some comment about the sound quality at the gig that night being poor. From my seat I didn't find this, I thought it was the best sounding of the 5 shows I went to.

There were not to many noisy clappers around me, just people enjoying themselves.

Thanks go to The Old Dog for lending me his gear.


This recording was produced by fans for fans.
Do not ever convert this show to mp3.
Do not sell ever.

This recording has been checked for SBE.

Please share and trade freely in your own fan base domain.
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And always get this text file you know

Released January 2008


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