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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 66:42 37:59 60:32
Catalog: The Unholy Alliance: TUA-013
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 10, 2007
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England

f9b3b120d0c3e1a31eb377f22e45daf2 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t01.flac 
5747f7eaa9b2996e1a500c12d1a0fb91 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t02.flac 
008422b8319f051c92968c35bf75a2fb *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t03.flac 
d970c73f836a6cba71bef33067c68fb7 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t04.flac 
a9d753157bb1aed0fea49dfe4b58a474 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t05.flac 
900d650db6c246e678379bd185319684 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t06.flac 
e50dc917543b247675637a9ec9847b0b *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t07.flac 
ad687b4ca416228fce6f80f78024aee0 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t08.flac 
80a766eef61ba84c5a4922842ac37167 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t09.flac 
bfe122fdfadad1af93be6135f6da96f4 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t10.flac 
04686981f094654d12c5bffef64b728a *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t11.flac 
0bd41b9df094ae02e445ab99532aec0d *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d1t12.flac 
866b925f68c18e18d3baf1f352dffc87 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d2t01.flac 
2c56c11176c883edf392f906a7c32280 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d2t02.flac 
3b25be49b05ba46a4eeafa39d3650dc3 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d2t03.flac 
3e3b57d304be94ab70282700b5f3fd69 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d2t04.flac 
e7fd5bff0d11ce869ea755ab3bd7bc4a *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d2t05.flac 
c5de9f940cac6b4865611a744a5e93f2 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d2t06.flac 
e489d95d12abf9d71241231fa6dd2b24 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d2t07.flac 
cfcdb4072815a88a234b29ebc92bf66d *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t01.flac 
38c23e763bea8c0e6faf6372c2701154 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t02.flac 
d0d9ad678415e49e0afca552e0852d26 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t03.flac 
fcd9682785b9ebf1898bcb520bc998ec *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t04.flac 
bf23c4beb6d037c06581cc02f7933899 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t05.flac 
cf4d854a9b18f3ca4ce844c618f0fbd9 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t06.flac 
d30e37161518902f3f80a4227baa61c1 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t07.flac 
94fb96d280ed77e470fc9fbacc6b32af *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t08.flac 
915f30d9eca5d56bd3dbd9c8a719442e *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t09.flac 
3f0b23b88a73decdcd26b3bc6d491e92 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t10.flac 
545cbf1a66353804b5b7ea3a745ce273 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t11.flac 
3fcb46c87c041a7ae416d3cc199d5a1c *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t12.flac 
8039ac4577cfae7fa0e831fd77fc724b *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t13.flac 
454037b626ded0b23c88ab9facb7ecf9 *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t14.flac 
76771ddf23188ada6e83db3f65a6d0fd *Rush_2007-10-10_UotSV13_d3t15.flac

UOTS13 back.jpg
UOTS13 disc1.jpg
UOTS13 disc2.jpg
UOTS13 disc3.jpg
UOTS13 front.jpg
UOTS13 gatefold.jpg

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Release Notes

Tapers : Nephronic
Source : Master DAT
Extraction : Tascam DA20MkII -- M03 -- M-audio 24/96 -- CDwave (16/48)
Mastering : Adobe Audition (mastering, Gebs)
Grading : Ex
Catalogue : TUA-013
Artwork : Nephronic

Recording info

Sony PCM-M1 -- Beyer MV-100 (48V,+20dB,LF off) -- Neumann SKM 140 (-10dB)

Mastering notes:

Lovely recording, again a few clapper about but nothing
serious. Sound appears to be better on the second night
as compared to the first.
Bass dropped from 160Hz, HL on clappers.



Tapers notes :

I was seated in the exact same row as the first night at Wembley only this time I was 12 seats to the right and in a more central position. It may only have been about 20 feet in distance but it seems to have made a big difference in the quality of the recording. A much punchier and brighter recording than the previous night - I'm sure there is more to it than being 20 feet to the centre of the arena but I sure as hell don't know what it is. This was my last (successful) recording of the tour, the next date was my infamous capture, interrogation, and eventual release by the Birmingham NEC constabulary - released mainly to the intervention of Graham Gebbie Q.C.


This recording was produced by fans for fans.
Do not ever convert this show to mp3.
Do not sell ever.

This recording has been checked for SBE.

Torrenting is fine with the group on this, however
you should always follow text file rules for any release
due to the fact that it is polite (at least)

Please share and trade freely in your own fan base domain.
Support the artist and always buy official releases.
And always get this text file you know

Released January 2008


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