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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Rusherman Productions / ModernDayWarriorRecordingz:
Source: Audience Master Matrix
Date: July 08, 2007
Location: PNC Arts Center, Homdel, New Jersey, USA

Intro   2:20
Limelight   4:36

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5e8945c20d12d5b49b1453ca4a23347a *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d1t02.flac
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15ce8c3a20919e7e5a8942eda0deed87 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d1t05.flac
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c1c845708b6294e484d9e871f3872007 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d1t08.flac
8ba3b8fa6dd2bc64a0c6652b5e5ca90f *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d1t09.flac
03e902e80c01b4fa81a8b85b8958ac8e *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d1t10.flac
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e97c4436cfd4e0c19015757797dc8ee8 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d1t12.flac
795def93d85e51d21431a79b412dad08 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t01.flac
fc512e3bd122fa1472d8763dd62072f1 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t02.flac
318cb89a1c57e7c5b044ecffc5c3adfa *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t03.flac
dd0fb1cf88a6828c2b016d43566ef389 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t04.flac
37d8ac2a5682b58c3106453dd1b63475 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t05.flac
b69e2e61eb950ca5670ccf0ef832b5d7 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t06.flac
1c6006f8147fbc551a087386f51e04a6 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t07.flac
15bc38ca6e4263bcada16da2afe6fc47 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t08.flac
9c9a1cf8b4d9060b71c5feeadfdb024d *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t09.flac
26e7b3a5629060ab25ac0cc34576e54b *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t10.flac
69922200721401585c47b65f418380a2 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d2t11.flac
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3d8e0af922d491c76c642b6a7b5115ce *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t02.flac
20b67b0545bbfe0da3eea50a470f939c *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t03.flac
cd5351e9c3509c30bf28d69978c1a8fd *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t04.flac
84669e38974ed4aaf91133cd6f733c07 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t05.flac
804c3ca209f425fd7eb579b41cc63edc *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t06.flac
02c119aaab4c890439ecc9b04b8a123d *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t07.flac
8abb1635c13beacce1bf4a329149102b *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t08.flac
51bf184453406c5c6df0bb4e52298e1a *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t09.flac
46c28e2013ed2e9557dd47544d6ea275 *Rush_2007_07_08_TuTMaS_d3t10.flac

Rush Turn Up the Music and Smile BACK.jpg
Rush Turn up The Music ans Smile FRONT.jpg

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Production Notes

Source: Two Audience DAT Master
Lineage: Sony TCD-D8 / Sony ECM-MS907 mics / Cool Edit Pro 2.0 / CDWav / SHN
Source 1 - Section 203 Row 32 Seat 4 (VIP Section)
Source 2 - Section 101 Row F Seat 10
Taper/Mastering: RusherMan Productions
In association with ModernDayWarrior Recordingz

Artwork: Made in Rivendell

This was personally my favorite show i saw this tour & probably the best i've ever produced. This was a show in which the plan finally went down the way we wanted for ModerdayWarrior & myself as we captured both side of the stacks at this show. We seemed to be in the best seats we could possible be in for this acoustically challenged venue for this recording.

I was in the VIP section which turned out to be a great spot with "not so rowdy fans about" & in a area where most of the "elite" sit down during most of the show, good for a good bootleg.

The band sounded fantastic during this Jersey night, especially the low end which was not too overpowering as many shows on this tour seemed to be, with Alex's guitar being very much in the mix on this night!! There's so many highlights i had at this show, I hope it comes out in the recording! This master maxtrix is basically the raw source of two identical DAT recordings with identical mics, one Exit Stage Right, the other DAT Exit Stage Left.

This show is made for fans from fans & of course NOT FOR SALE!! Keep the spirit of free trade alive & please never convert to lossy format (ie MP3). Special thanks to ModerdayWarrior for his great source.

On the artwork, special thanks to Cover Made in Rivendell, the cover includes the actual dash of the 1960 Plymouth Fury found among the Snakes and Arrows artwork (special thanks to Walt), the musical scale is actually "Spinddrift", and ther rest is for ones imaginations. Once again a special thanks for the editing of the original front cover to Walt, hopefully many more collaborations to come!

* Download this show ! I think you will give it plenty of playtime!!!

They'll be more to come, exactly the way this One was Done!!!


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