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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 66:36 37:42 61:12
Catalog: The Unholy Alliance: TUA-009
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 09, 2007
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England

cbb82cea68f3bb9fc1c73e1abf7e12dd *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t01.flac 
f2f86f7ddfdda95c2ca47fadc63e2c45 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t02.flac 
fc835a2ffd632698cc9a06dbdc2a5f64 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t03.flac 
6d4f3589d9010b2fc7c879dcb34a79d8 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t04.flac 
d02790438768863c7a57ec88bb1947ac *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t05.flac 
9d6dc0fbbd84369b8237751cf9d529ba *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t06.flac 
5cb8664ea82a08fbab7e34feaf6b8343 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t07.flac 
c28fdde8f4a0750655f77d41399e2cac *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t08.flac 
5e806c990287a234c04b6e54ed64659c *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t09.flac 
07b9accf697ad5463dbd6465235e3f2b *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t10.flac 
ff50003b8cd2bea7c242cd7a2ad5fc6a *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t11.flac 
99dab2d48097e95617b3dadc41b32c22 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d1t12.flac 
e28e3aa6d92a021fffcbd74d71528145 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d2t01.flac 
61e0d14aa36bccaad255dd27459b68c2 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d2t02.flac 
a6396026d9538b1434e1f4f41a3e7b00 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d2t03.flac 
046db9c687c21e9b33ec9278707283fa *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d2t04.flac 
7675bc04adde212048da6d7709026dd0 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d2t05.flac 
efa312c86901169004dd738f0891c59b *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d2t06.flac 
169ec83eef1d6875bdbb8adabf4ada7c *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d2t07.flac 
f2fdbd0f87d73f5ebf5b86c64494cb48 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t01.flac 
c6ebc4d48aca8d23de7198b884b68bd7 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t02.flac 
3eb71ff626a18b5ad3f5ffcf69635e11 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t03.flac 
da632bbcc8e2dba5455cf9858c9b9e89 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t04.flac 
9c51d325d7208c395905283208029da1 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t05.flac 
f1e0ce5e77686ef1c00952c64f23b489 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t06.flac 
740e58c803ecfa953a8b2547c7837bff *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t07.flac 
eca084d23d639a50f67148e9804cf6db *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t08.flac 
358fda02cbab842b5c61e69f1f779aab *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t09.flac 
2d8eca1a71fed5d15c8836cee05f366a *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t10.flac 
b816666ae2c7654f820ddffaedd32828 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t11.flac 
0a881c4f8923dd44f9d34504d39bb606 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t12.flac 
07aee162a1978c74205828ca9c211041 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t13.flac 
c4e95b74c0a1d6067579f8de94411505 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t14.flac 
d3380522a2772caa5b0d15afae7b2a38 *Rush_2007-10-09_UotSV09_d3t15.flac

UOTS9 back.jpg
UOTS9 disc1.jpg
UOTS9 disc2.jpg
UOTS9 disc3.jpg
UOTS9 front.jpg
UOTS9 gatefold.jpg

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Release Notes

Tapers : Nephronic
Source : Master DAT
Extraction : Tascam DA20MkII -- M03 -- CD-wave [16/48]
Mastering : Adobe Audition (mastering, Gebs)
Grading : Ex
Catalogue : TUA-009
Artwork : Nephronic

Recording info

Sony PCM-M1 -- Beyer MV-100 (48V,+20dB,LF off) -- Neumann SKM 140 (-10dB)

Mastering notes:

A pretty noisy crowd around Neph on the night....bawbags ;)
HL on the crowd, bass cut, small EQ adjustments.
A little disruption on the recording on both Intros due to
set ups ... no biggy



Tapers notes :
Wembley Arena had changed since my last visit there on the R30 tour. A shiny new courtyard (fountain included) and entrance gave the dilapidated arena a more modern look, done so to reflect the hugely impressive new Wembley Stadium no doubt. Unfortunately the interior is more or less what it was in 2004, the stage is now at the other end but the sound is still not that great, improved from before but still rather bassy and boomy. Once again I was in a great position, about 10 rows from the stage and more or less dead centre. On my previous tapers notes I've never really explained the rather bulky nature of the recording equipment and the means by which I had it put together and secreted about my person. Before the tour started I had to sew two pockets to the inside of an old jacket, one for the DAT recorder and one for the battery box. I also bought a base ball cap that I altered to allow the microphone cables to run under the material of the visor, the cables were then sewn to the inside of the cap and the microphones taped to the edge of the visor. Now, the cables for the microphones were about12 feet long so these had to be wound up and taped together, this prevented them hanging below my jacket and making me even more conspicuous than I already was. The cables then ran from the hat, down the back of my head, down my back and into the battery box situated in one of the sewn in pockets. If you are familiar with Sony PCM DAT recorder you'll be aware of it's size, well the battery box was about 50% bigger than the DAT recorder - a not insubstantial thing to be carrying around and a rather bulky item to be taking into a concert arena. Finally, the battery box was then attached to the DAT recorder. As you can imagine I looked rather ridiculous, especially with the hat on and the protruding microphones. Looking back it was rather suprising that I was only busted once (Birmingham NEC) and I'm not sure I would go to such lengths again. As for the Wembley show itself, this was perhaps my favourite show of the the UK leg of the tour - the crowd around me were really into it and the band seemed to having a good time also. The recording didn't turn out as well as the second night at Wembley but it's still a very nice recording nontheless. A special thanks to Gebs for the equipment and for mastering the recording. Enjoy the show!!


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