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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: GoD: 1 Chronicles 6:30
Source: Audience
Date: June 05, 1981
Location: The Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA

1bc7159969677ebcb08dfae76e9d087b *Disc 1\101 - 2112 Overture Temples.shn
296b4f354f2af05b35cf5908c27f0025 *Disc 1\102 - Freewill.shn
958531944af327c3d57c52beb156d5f8 *Disc 1\103 - Limelight.shn
5d8bccaf133a0ccda5178bb557ce8d77 *Disc 1\104 - Hemispheres Prelude.shn
bc0d83b5d85a5f7640e8b61c7d9027a9 *Disc 1\105 - Beneath Between Behind.shn
de37fa419c4c3b8bdd7f0962c0793912 *Disc 1\106 - The Camera Eye.shn
a9fdf7d00384746a179622f34a8fae47 *Disc 1\107 - YYZ.shn
f990fae3fdce92faa0dd79b9aa7daf6e *Disc 1\108 - Drum Solo YYZ.shn
92cf80918e0540b6de4ee23b4a307d7a *Disc 1\109 - Broons Bane.shn
ba7faa05ea2c1055f3b260bc7711754f *Disc 1\110 - The Trees.shn
559a645c64d891211b28064d3a16dbba *Disc 1\111 - Xanadu.shn
97697aeabe64e80d540f57f2b81f2aee *Disc 2\201 - The Spirit Of Radio.shn
46cd0cffd26c5b8d9154e421f85e5bc8 *Disc 2\202 - Red Barchetta.shn
0952843d2b965ed3e9e1b705efc1245a *Disc 2\203 - Closer To The Heart.shn
e49aca7e7bcb618e44bd037da9fcc3ba *Disc 2\204 - Tom Sawyer.shn
218dedf7991ae898d14e2a777a74c9ff *Disc 2\205 - Vital Signs.shn
48217bf8d5a83685f2b31611795989a9 *Disc 2\206 - Natural Science.shn
3d46d9351cacc314c0d454efee9ba064 *Disc 2\207 - Medley.shn
be67924ab314b51bca13aee780d52057 *Disc 2\208 - La Villa Strangiato.shn

Mechanical Music Back.jpg
Mechanical Music Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.5

   (Audio - 6.5)

This is a fun show! The croud is on boil, from start to finish. They are way into it! Sometimes they over-power the band. The sound is not bad, and at sometimes quite nice. There are a lot of poor song transitions, and loud pops, as well as what sounds like the mic's smacking together. The set list is great, with natural science and the super extendo Medley. Could have got a higher Rating: Audio 6.5 Croud 7.5    (2008-12-27)

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