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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: GoD: Exodus 15:3
Source: Audience
Date: June 06, 1981
Location: The Coliseum, Oakland, California, USA

25294e5bd0c6d8729170549b8401f0b6 *Disc 1\101 - 2112 Overture Temples.shn
6be518be1e07a852cee6c8681a39c31a *Disc 1\102 - Freewill.shn
9873456024213f995752ab3158a7e526 *Disc 1\103 - Limelight.shn
f80821611ccbe6a23f048f20a10e4455 *Disc 1\104 - Hemispheres Prelude.shn
865cdf513a6e21003776012a202eee4b *Disc 1\105 - Beneath Between Behind.shn
7ed072d8675bb6a0ee000d12e7341164 *Disc 1\106 - The Camera Eye.shn
b6e27f78914bb4100d2c6ba4748abb36 *Disc 1\107 - YYZ.shn
d2666b03a2db9bde9954293d0463f40a *Disc 1\108 - Drum Solo YYZ.shn
d2ba9b66d1d523592a0f156e2d7696a0 *Disc 1\109 - The Trees.shn
69c4fb1057af7edbfba20e3f0671f719 *Disc 1\110 - Xanadu.shn
864113700e5f1c8c5f46a471af1fdecc *Disc 2\201 - The Spirit Of Radio.shn
e36a846c0e90ef6dcf41e32d5a11f1ab *Disc 2\202 - Red Barchetta.shn
8afeeda600be69ebb00d7bc322a161cf *Disc 2\203 - Closer To The Heart.shn
3f6b720ee1c19f54de2d89e3de333054 *Disc 2\204 - Tom Sawyer.shn
379bf10ecc8a3a1f4988581a7f71588e *Disc 2\205 - Vital Signs.shn
57afd776199ddfb369f8131df1f2deb2 *Disc 2\206 - Natural Science.shn
9558513ab8b6ba0bfe6281f8ae450902 *Disc 2\207 - Medley.shn
51941ea7db8f6caa2df179711259c1e3 *Disc 2\208 - La Villa Strangiato.shn

Exit The Warriors Back.jpg
Exit The Warriors Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 3

   (Audio - 3)

This recording sports some incredible artwork but unfortunatly that is about it. If you are just getting into the Rush boots, this is not one to start with. Upon first listening, 2112 is barely recognizable at the start and hearing someone screaming out "Two Tickets" made me first wonder if this was recorded from outside the event. Sounds like the show was ripped from a cassette that had been left out in the sun for alittle to long, with tape stretching occuring in places and a hard clicking throughout the recording. It seems it has also been made into shn. files at way to loud. Using Adobe Audition couldn't help take out all the pops and crackles before putting it on CD myself which is a HUGE shame considering the great track listing and at a time when Neil's drum solo was probably at it best My advice.....if looking to get as many as possible Rush shows as you can than heres one but it is far from being an enjoyable one to listen to   (2008-02-29)

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