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Alba Gu Brath


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Master Direct CD's:
Source: Audience
Date: September 14, 2004
Location: Glasgow SECC, Glasgow, Scotland

5ffece6265476d7264fb588dc9517d9d *D1T01. INTRO.flac
6cecd21614365ba484151de4253ae069 *D1T02. CHRONOLOGICALLY.flac
12db3ad92024e845734abad8845c78f4 *D1T03. SPIRIT OF RADIO.flac
4c2b5e28eb01e0fb6be22a96db25f589 *D1T04. FORCE TEN.flac
9e08db6ee284a15ca0d46e802d7c1220 *D1T05. ANIMATE ME.flac
7ebddf227bd1c6cf710ffa830d1fb3a1 *D1T06. SUBDIVISIONS.flac
25cc85d6d2f53eb4ba4edc8b7cf656bb *D1T07. EARTHSHINE.flac
b15f8089175e558a4e9a1b4450c37778 *D1T08. RED BARCHETTA.flac
6ac6319f93e94c79e5638e58369d89a4 *D1T09. ROLL THE BONES.flac
dae9e4ef1b368c5c7b94d1ca6f22e99f *D1T10. BRAVADO.flac
2d03d188fe1885ca91c2414e866403f6 *D1T11. YYZ.flac
e407347098346c8c38ad51d4e18119ef *D1T12. THE TREES.flac
15f849405cd439a88fa006094397a36c *D1T13. THE SEEKER.flac
c0a91c778ad01857b642f9b3dbb68037 *D1T14. ONE LITTLE VICTORY.flac
0f3a14e72f6a93af86a54de748654322 *D2T01. INTRO.flac
d5455778298a900925f1fb51492bcd6f *D2T02. TOM SAWYER.flac
14ec963e4460fb62feac3378d70253e9 *D2T03. DREAMLINE.flac
fcc6404761e4e4d71bd2def2239ca31b *D2T04. SECRET TOUCH.flac
b83975ee8a73d7a6c0a656095326add0 *D2T05. BETWEEN THE WHEELS.flac
fcbb19bfd0cab862c5bf3bf79a4b2b74 *D2T06. MYSTIC RHYTHMS.flac
4a504314e4983849565b7d8d814940a3 *D2T07. RED SECTOR A.flac
0f850d7e34c0eec6e3cc338d39c5cf73 *D2T08. DRUM SOLO.flac
e1eda4888c905d196e8be3036bbb57f5 *D2T09. RESIST.flac
336eddf75fe0a3b737437d271e75b84a *D2T10. HEART FULL OF SOUL.flac
1b63a59c476fcd4363218e3236bddfae *D2T11. 2112.flac
a347d16d14d0168b0a7d42a8f9b5689d *D2T12. LA VILLA STANGIATO.flac
49dbe3d6966d29d7f855cd6f4474d862 *D2T13. BYTOR AND THE SNOW DOG.flac
529b5f4cfbccde6b094d3acb66b04e9f *D3T01. XANADU.flac
894d375f583899cb931c65f4b3c6fe28 *D3T02. WORKING MAN.flac
a8cfd7fe65d373928587652fbe2b32b0 *D3T03. SUMMERTIME BLUES.flac
9f1cae1291e4549570bb55f5cee9c36b *D3T04. CROSSROADS.flac
b4927c6f8d7f8f4cd0f6e0fc9eb56683 *D3T05. LIMELIGHT.flac

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Here's a bit of background info that was posted on DIME when this was released originally, this should probably be included with the DRE info: From GeddyOnDime's original post on DIME: #1999840 by GeddyOnDime at 2007-08-30 14:26:56 GMT Every now and then, someone here on Dime approaches me and asks me if I'd be interested in helping them release some new Rush material. More often than not, I usually direct those people to the pros. Of which I quickly admit that I am not. But I have, on occasion, taken on some side jobs. (more on that later) A very short while ago, thomsa7 PM'ed me. Very friendly mate. He told me that he had a new source from Rush's R30 SECC Scotland visit. Direct rip from DAT, recorded by a friend of his, and cataloged as "Direct Master CD's." And when I compared his version of the 2004-09-14 show to the other four versions that existed (Feedback In The Backseats, Scotish Feedback, Still Standing, and UK Unlimited Glasgow), not only was his material indeed different, but dare I say it even sounded "slightly" better than the rest. The show was untitled. So I worked with thomsa7, came up with a fitting name, and created some artwork. Which brings us to today. Sharing it with everyone here on Dime. Special thanks to thomsa7 who, in record time, had four discs sitting in my mailbox. I owe ya one buddy! And of course, thanks to his friend who recorded the gig for us all. Enjoy, GoD    (2007-12-29)

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