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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-097
Source: Analog (master)
Date: March 02, 1994
Location: , Jacksonville,, Florida, USA

Dreamline   6.22
The Spirit of Radio   4.58
The Analog Kid   5.53
Cold Fire   4.33
Time Stand Still   5.49
Nobody's Hero   5.26
Roll the Bones   5.57
Animate   7.48
Stick it Out   5.28
Double Agent   5.07
Limelight   4.36

Mystic Rhythms   5.55
Closer to the Heart   5.30
Show Don't Tell   5.16
Leave That Thing Alone   5.54
The Rhythm Method   7.25
The Trees   5.02
Xanadu   6.47
Hemispheres: Prelude   4.18
Tom Sawyer   5.18
Force Ten   4.39
YYZ   5.03

Disc 1
8602c8b14456a5e8ec7ac83f37b0dc71 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T04.shn
9c5c350e4c1096402932db92cbc1c04c *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T05.shn
47d8ec99ae25b8b377a379691bdd4549 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T06.shn
996c0c94e7320de415f2256a1d60b14c *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T07.shn
4520563df4cbb2905decb2bcce937785 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T08.shn
cdff4a24a7b4f42e6502b2d50189a6d6 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T09.shn
46748a87d727fa1ab167b541300bccd9 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T10.shn
c9302f127e0e9265412f7a7221e4ec1a *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T11.shn
1e40540f553aebeebcca06ce5c261255 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T01.shn
172993ff353a41186e6fb1a33c4195f3 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T02.shn
d035cf607fff440c96dabb7e0c3c2236 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D1T03.shn

Disc 2
9878ddf6ab496f015eb2bcc562b9e896 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T04.shn
ae94ae8fb49d1f17c862eebb601003b1 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T05.shn
50783406c88039b60bd3c857ce7e19cd *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T06.shn
141af0c1b29b4a3f4b93eeb78c5b4ca2 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T07.shn
1fa41ea4df8ebf6661b0cf2f7aad78ef *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T08.shn
c96622baa330c256beda3220cd53ad1d *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T09.shn
416c2c667e3486dea2e3265d25ebec6f *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T10.shn
5df63af48bf855ce9a9e1c1fda2b0bf2 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T11.shn
6f7620a92a749532275c410107115463 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T01.shn
f5cfc81e89d695df4f9782b15fed5ada *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T02.shn
d4b2553333b1d04ed074e9139b110b08 *1994_03_02_Rush_II_D2T03.shn

1994 03 02 Rush II Back.jpg
1994 03 02 Rush II Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

Simple Man Productions
   (Audio - 8)

Production Notes

A different source than the release entitled "Three Aces."  This source has a much greater "depth" of sound and personally I think is an improvement but that's up to the listeners to judge.  Nothing really special this night but still a great show and certainly worth adding to your collection (if you like Rush that is:) )   

Great thanks go out to Neph for the artwork and John for the source.  Thanks guys!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording,  support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released on The Alien Shore -  As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.


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