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Alex's Zoo Blues - Plutonium Remaster


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 64:15, 54:02, 53:49
Catalog: Let It Rip Productions: N/A
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: September 25, 2002
Location: Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, California, USA

Tom Sawyer (cuts in)
Distant Early Warning
New World Man
Roll The Bones
The Pass
The Big Money
The Trees
Natural Science

One Little Victory
Secret Touch
Red Sector A
Leave That Thing Alone
Drum Solo
Resist (acoustic Version)

2112 Overture - Temples Of Syrinx
La Villa Strangiato
Spirit Of Radio
By-Tor & The Snowdog
Cygnus X-1
Working Man
Hot 97 Interview from New York w/ Alex & Geddy

AZB Remaster D1T1.flac:7995b1b30223ae66a30acd16c5dd3b70
AZB Remaster D1T2.flac:551facfaa510c2f118420daf77494e79
AZB Remaster D1T3.flac:3141f712e5182ba59b99091aa48ffee6
AZB Remaster D1T4.flac:758a44cb9ab029d9394578bfae0ecf80
AZB Remaster D1T5.flac:4cdb5ecb951f925f41f70ed8cc0189b9
AZB Remaster D1T6.flac:af0457aa2101f31d88dc1f538e450be5
AZB Remaster D1T7.flac:c349c7e0b706abdf6e9227b97d540e12
AZB Remaster D1T8.flac:9945bf4ca53575b8d70039dff683171a
AZB Remaster D1T9.flac:980e10481313bab28cbb7f34bc4840e8
AZB Remaster D1T10.flac:2289c6ccfba3fbe440048337ee95c3ff
AZB Remaster D1T11.flac:e9b9b15c3c1ed5983935f2c0ba4b9c0c
AZB Remaster D1T12.flac:edaeaf1b105d4ef194347994fec840fd
AZB Remaster D2T1.flac:39e8b6c3736f30e6e22bff3dd37b264e
AZB Remaster D2T2.flac:512603e6dbfff41de5ea9e605c51a677
AZB Remaster D2T3.flac:17270f8b2985efd85d941fa6aec5b902
AZB Remaster D2T4.flac:18bb236527c062434fdc2b73c015ac88
AZB Remaster D2T5.flac:8e406f8c4c7521db469fce3a1397bf89
AZB Remaster D2T6.flac:979c9494b99c49e6f7b009282904b555
AZB Remaster D2T7.flac:eb4e9367b5420580e8f2f15b4c009a76
AZB Remaster D2T8.flac:f66441b33b4a5731040fe6396cbe93ee
AZB Remaster D2T9.flac:035c21a463ac0a6d0381d92e2361bd33
AZB Remaster D2T10.flac:4734faef4bfe8ce0114094f4747534ec
AZB Remaster D3T1.flac:81ab7123ac2fa69b658078149d0aaf6c
AZB Remaster D3T2.flac:790be5da20dc3a0c8bc2011d5cd1aaf5
AZB Remaster D3T3.flac:1cf68ddcbd4f100d954e279f1c6b9814
AZB Remaster D3T4.flac:07837b43245df9e5bca75e59b715fae0
AZB Remaster D3T5.flac:c634121b612bbc4bdb8053ba6b56014b
AZB Remaster D3T6.flac:94b1c4a878c10d3d05786b1e46e6936f
AZB Remaster D3T7.flac:98d986b55571618de3cde3c49d49d9bc
AZB Remaster D3T8.flac:5053eb127af7d3b8f605b4fa0d8917b2

AZB Remaster Back rev.jpg
AZB Remaster Front rev.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

Let It Rip Productions
   (Audio - 7.5)

One thing lead to another when I initially put out the first edition of this recording,  basically I felt I did too much over-tweaking and I was trying to kill the; "Phase Shifting" that is caused by the wind that plagued the recording. And in that attempt I made it into a mono type recording, and by today's standards that is just no good.  And what I mean by over-tweaking, I took too much of the bass out of the original recording. So, I decided to take the original DAT tapes and start over, with a new approach. An approach that I've been using since 2004 with all the recordings I've put out since then.  Originally the source to this show is very bassy, I did lower the bass a tinge with this remaster version but, not as extreme as I did in the first edition. The remaster edition has a better bottom end to the sound.and that's the way Rush sounds anyway. I think your going to like this version a whole lot better ! Although I do recommend if you get the chance try to grab a copy of; "Animals That Like The Blues" version, from what I know that source is more complete containing all of the song; "Tom Sawyer" As where  the AZB version is missing most of the song because of the taper arriving a little late. Now, as added bonus, with this edition you get the Hot 97 FM broadcast interview from New York with Alex and Geddy, all commercial songs were completely edited out and so what you get is the DJ, Alex And Geddy talking about the new release of their CD; "Vapor Trails" ! So, If it doesn't say "Alex Zoo Blues Plutonium Remaster" on the cover art for your version of this show by Let It Rip Productions, then, your not getting the full radiation effect of this show !  So, are we ready to get nuclear ? lol !!
Enjoy !
John    (2007-12-01)

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