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Media: 2 DVDr Video
Time: 01:06:17, 01:36:43
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Video (3 Cam Matrix) / Audio
Date: September 17, 2007
Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA

Intro Video
Digital Man
Entre Nous
The Main Monkey Business
The Larger Bowl
Secret Touch
Between the Wheels

Lerxst Video Intro
Far Cry
Workin' Them Angels
Armor & Sword
The Way the Wind Blows
Natural Science
Witch Hunt
Malignant Narcissism
Drum Solo
Distant Early Warning
The Spirit of Radio
Tom Sawyer
One Little Victory
A Passage to Bangkok

Disc 1 
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35d61d35c08f36a2329d2865abea0fc3 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.IFO 
56a1446766701de96b0f0e46cac1f889 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.VOB 
4c623ec7ce405f62d23ae3a1936416c8 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_1.VOB 
4861ea3b714bb2bbb264513d2db0e543 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_2.VOB 
94a382c2383b5155f089c8f2ae61e463 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_3.VOB 

Disc 2 
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0684adbde5e88958e26fe35eefaed5ea *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.VOB 
dc221294ab9a992e453f9b822710e59d *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_1.VOB 
2ecff3ff2e8a5457917a859338f864e1 *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_2.VOB 
666af91545454e14d99a9c85a600974b *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_3.VOB

nyc dvd.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 5.5
Video: 10

AeroZach (Zach Bernard)
   (Audio - 5.5, Video - 10)

Well, here it is! We all know of the terrific "R30 Project" DVD from Radio City Music Hall, filmed in 2004. Here's the ultimate 3-cam DVD from the Snakes & Arrows tour, brought to us through the generosity of the NYC Bitch Committee. There are several notes to add, however:

This video, while it is the 3-cam we've all been waiting for, isn't perfect. The audio could be much better, as it seems very thin and at some points gets very rough (ex. Limelight). Early on, you can also hear coughing from the filmer, but that doesn't really interfere. However, that doesn't deteriorate from the quality of the video itself, as the show is still very listenable and enjoyable if you get past those minor audio problems. The video is top notch, nearly perfect. All the little things were captured perfectly (like the chefs messing with the chickens). Perfect balance of screen and stage filming. It also features a nice performance of Distant Early Warning, which wasn't performed often during the US part of the first leg. We may, however, soon see an upgrade with new, better audio in replace of what we currently have, which would make this DVD the best thing until the official S&A DVD.

So all I can say is, sit back, relax, and enjoy this great DVD. The band is at their finest here!


Production Notes

Linege: AUD (3-cameras) > ? Master > ? Transfer > ? Author > DVD > VOB2MPG > VideoReDo Plus (cut intro/outro/malarkey) > TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 (new chapters/menus) > VIDEO_TS

Video: NTSC 29.97fps, 720x480
DVD 1 Bitrate = 4063kbps
DVD 2 Bitrate = 3998kbps

Audio: Camera
AC3, 48khz, 192 Kb/s

Taper(s): New York City Bitch Committee

Here it is, the rumored MSG 3-cam DVD! Almost immediately after the show, news of this recording spread like wild fire. The video is great, though certainly not up to the high standard set by the last New York City area 3-cam show from R30 at Radio City Music Hall (Project R30: New York 01 - DVD). For as good as the video portion is, the audio is, at times, absolutely abysmal. Still, there is little doubt that you will want to add this little gem to your collection.

This show was recorded and produced by a bootleg seller to be sold for profit. Consider it now LIBERATED!!!! There were "warnings" and "protections" put onto the original DVDs to prevent it from (easily) being uploaded and shared. Aside from using studio versions of Snakes and Arrows songs in the menus, they actually put a video of Cheech and Chong singing "Mexican Americans" at the end of each DVD. That's right, kids, they purposely put commercial material onto the DVDs (that they are selling for profit, mind you) to try and stop it from being shared via bit torrent!!!

All of this been stripped away in this release. First, the VOB files were converted back to a single MPG using VOB2MPG. Then VideoRedo Plus was used to cut out "offensive" material. VideoRedo Plus is a native MPG editor; it allows you to cut sections out of MPG files without the need to re-encode the video (which would result in a significant quality loss). Finally, title and chapter menus were added and the VIDEO_TS re-created for each DVD using TMPGEnc DVD Author 3. End result: Exact copy of original recording without all of the added malarkey.

There were some discussions as to whether it would be better to hold off releasing this until it could synced to a better (separately recorded) audio source. In the end we felt it was more important to get this source out to the free trade community as soon as possible to make sure folks are not plunking down hard earned dollars for it. I can almost guarantee you that one of the great "For Fans" labels will release a better version (V2.0, remastered, whatever) of this at some point in the future... For now, share and enjoy this recording!


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