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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 17, 2007
Location: Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands

01. Intro.flac:184bd719aff731c852a19e04dc4b14e0
02. Limelight.flac:117b6aed0250e5e8fbfe33b542166734
03. Digital Man.flac:8105ba19703b5d76cbda127473340270
04. Entre Nous.flac:54d4146ffad5adaa47b6936da4ff7670
05. Mission.flac:1330a4753e72258355c742bafca05345
06. Freewill.flac:7b0d646026aaac2846bbab4401eda44e
07. The Main Monkey Business.flac:3bec9ff07c5d33ac3ce7748e1e3aa863
08. The Larger Bowl.flac:2caa5ad9acaee88b35e84022b203b211
09. Secret Touch.flac:153bdd072a34bf599472059d96e13ffc
10. Circumstances.flac:2c349b27ba767b4fac852a73dd96360b
11. Between the Wheels.flac:2ac1890b9e039c25e110f59fcc7c8838
12. Dreamline.flac:a1e131f7455757a1c9e6e99963cc35ed
13. Intro.flac:4cbcba275117278d7e680aa2bc0779ee
14. Far Cry.flac:ed611c94c6bba55f4eba1ef3dc3ec3f3
15. Workin Them Angels.flac:aa396143f5e68e55f812a7eb91c56549
16. Spindrift.flac:7b52eb4dce02b791fc4c295fdce47a82
17. The Way the Wind Blows.flac:fa10ab0bc88718c7cd2179a7bb4824a0
18. Subdivisions.flac:56d52400124254845df446ad7faee635
19. Natural Science.flac:254c76e699983a3f1b0b6e02505be547
20. Witch Hunt.flac:4943daa958b7f2df36191273c037e7b9
21. Malignant Narcissism.flac:15e99f2334407f3a988d81b94fb53fb9
22. Drum Solo.flac:48f7a2d3cf282dac426467b0d5d1c5a4
23. Hope.flac:561e11609747e0e7b195431e6d5ab8dc
24. Red alert.flac:b83d199182dd1f026d2adcaabee41161
25. Spirit of the radio.flac:6bd5b292af9ba98d51e62f871399b6cc
26. Tom Sawyer.flac:36167f4f95fd859729031580cbc3a388
27. One Little Victory.flac:af1d2b76b66c09dac1fa8dd51da14b7c
28. A Passage to Bangkok.flac:30df05116d8ed009d1dc02302973e7db
29. YYZ.flac:307e7379227e3da92efd4ac64091bb89
30. Outro.flac:e29920d8e7cffadfafe99177e1b5ca6c

Rush Rotterdam 17 oct 2007 back.jpg
Rush Rotterdam 17 oct 2007 front.jpg
Rush Rotterdam 17 oct 2007inside.jpg

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Release Notes

Recorded by   :  Purplefan
Equipment     :  md sony MZ-NH700, rec level 12, with Core Sound Binaural Microphones & Switchable Bass Roll-off Filter
Recording is  :  Audience

Sony MD MZ-NH700 with Core Sound Binaural microphones & Switchable Bass Filter on ==> Sonicstage  ==> WAVE ==> Adobe Audition Amplituse +2  ==> Traders Little Helper ==> flac
FLAC level 6

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is *never* to be sold. Trade freely!


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