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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None: JSR R-029-44
Source: Audience Master
Date: September 15, 2007
Location: Centre Bell, Montreal, Canada

2a2c15390a901f8f3315eda7b2cdefdb *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t01.flac
ec430e8312f2000bbd91edf1f16989f4 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t02.flac
1ee345a07724a02dd695ff8b42ddb34c *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t03.flac
2d1b8f97f527c2c0c16dd368f0459d57 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t04.flac
4d690e99039161ed1205318740c33fac *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t05.flac
4ed16e09878038fe9c2a6c3accb1759b *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t06.flac
702bc371c11dd2fbe21bab8be094ebd6 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t07.flac
aec944a1d835b0ddc08d8f829f349d58 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t08.flac
577285712b48c3ab7924d246dfc37989 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t09.flac
bec8432df9dd8885692a861f9b0676b6 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t10.flac
d16de9fa38c10c7e0a4293284e886e89 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t11.flac
12845c500fa9e2aef5477ca4f3bedebf *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d1t12.flac
a0eeb309d05c9d089e44c0e6023e0a30 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t01.flac
2e7f45435fefaf06f478213b987e1e3b *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t02.flac
579831a53acebb723eacbeecb6e5b359 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t03.flac
636a1edbd4d5c59c5b904cad0ef1c8d0 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t04.flac
6093f462b8163008c3a4c1ef8c560889 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t05.flac
1296316d84ecc9a5ba2c6f665985a95e *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t06.flac
5f641e0e376792386b13c5e4acef0eff *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t07.flac
59bd5f692fba69374392e0944c344a43 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t08.flac
d65bd1cf8f7073bd5bee8b8d63af0f42 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t09.flac
5f02e304581c072d61e160117fcff97a *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t10.flac
31d13a9dfb30feaed88a72e1f1fc3c17 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t11.flac
9fd8a7cc33d7849c425e991a4f4fc23b *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d2t12.flac
e65fa5a9a991a5d3c5b2ef1bc919b1b8 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d3t01.flac
7d52c1dc4a8e916cc0d10b6af452cb56 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d3t02.flac
3d5007317a1970bd9dad04b5c2464d89 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d3t03.flac
280c6c7e8d10598e5aa91bd395829501 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d3t04.flac
22d50f7c3524e67a37974dff2ae562da *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d3t05.flac
7f4f24a03c30623ed65211fe726b89db *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_d3t06.flac
d21d5090a61afcdaac6fe3c77d3b86a0 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_fat-back1.jpg
3834790353c7fe27e15c854c54810017 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_fat-back2.jpg
1a365e62cb833171cad76b53fa7abb57 *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_fat-front1.jpg
1e78f7ad631c8e277a407bb27b3f205a *rush2007-09-15_ALCtY_pt2_fat-front2.jpg

rush2007 09 15 ALCtY pt2 fat back1.jpg
rush2007 09 15 ALCtY pt2 fat back2.jpg
rush2007 09 15 ALCtY pt2 fat front1.jpg
rush2007 09 15 ALCtY pt2 fat front2.jpg

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Production Notes

15 CDRs and 1 DVDR box set

>> Audio <<
Source: Sony ECM-717 > Sony D-100 (48KHz)
Transfer: Sony D-100 > Creative SBDMUSX (optical in) > HDD
Remaster: .wav > CEP, SoundStudio, Peak (basic edit, repair & slight EQ) > CDWave > tracks (> Flac Level 8)

Hello everyone, I\'m the_sphere (Jun\'ya) from Japan. This is the recordings of my 3rd time visit to Canada and includes all Eastern Canada shows except for the first London, ON concert. Also do not includes MSG, NYC concert on Sep. 17th. The recordings were done with the same rig with my previous recordings released as "Horizon to Horizon" and "Keep on Riding" sets so the sound qualities are similar with them and as usual, this recordings ALSO contains lots of unofficial chorus and screamings generated by my mouth :-D So please pass up if you do not like such kind of audience recordings. Sorry !

Then, this time I did video taping a bit. Montreal and Toronto 2nd concert videos are just a crappy segments but you could watch the entire BtW and the first 30 mins of the 2nd set, aka the most exciting part of the set list for this tour (oops it\'s my own impression) from Sep. 19, Toronto 1st show. This is my 1st ever video taping and has lots of flaws like unstable camera angle, rocking view (sorry I moved with the beat) etc etc. I just realized how the video taping is difficult ! And also knew the video taping guys have STRONG IRON HEART for sure. I was sooo nerveous while video taping and got stomachache really. Maybe I never do another video taping (long ones)... it\'s too much to do audio taping and taking pictures !!

*** Remaster note ***

The sound quality for all 5 recordings are pretty good. But to make them more enjoyable recordings, lift the middle range a bit (for all recordings - it\'s typical pattern of ecm717) and cut the bottom end for Ottawa recording... there was sub-woofar speaker in front of my seat ! And I reduced the volume of firecracker sound to about 40-50% because when normalize entire volume with non-treated firecracker sound, the main band sound gets pretty low. So, the final remaster sound do not reflect the actual dynamic range but it makes mush easier listening. Also, compressed some craps, screamings and mic touch noise at the beginning and the ending of the recordings.

* Part 2: Sep. 15, 2007 Centre Bell, Montreal, PQ

The next day of the Quebec show and we moved to Montreal via Orleans Express Bus (btw what a nice bus than Grayhound or something like that.. has mesh pocket and electrical plug (!) at every seat back!! it\'s like an airplane). Anyway, we went to our 2nd S&A concert held at Centre Bell stood at the downtown Montreal. This time we met Peter again and also met with his family Nadine, son and doughter (but I could not meet with Duley from Nova Scotia...sorry thing). The seats are again center of 12th row. Although it was just the same row and almost the same center position, a bit far from stage than previous night due to larger venue size I think. But anyway, it\'s great view.  The crowd was excellent again. Really hot audience and you could never listen to the cheering at the guitar solo of Freewill !! And the boys show one of the best performance I have ever seen. Just great concert. But the venue sound was a bit muffled at mid to bottom end and not the best. My recording is not so bad but maybe B+ show. Then, this show also did not have pyro for Witch Hunt and again had small fire at OLV. According to Peter, the fire code for buildings in Quebec had changed and boys could not use gasoline at the concert. Oh well, I tried video recording at this show... it\'s the first time for me. Although it\'s only with Digital Camera (Canon TX-1 x10 optical zoom, 7.1M pix) and used 640x480 LP mode for taping, the result was very well for me. BUT the video I took at this show is only a clip from the ending of Spindrift, about 50 seconds. I just wanted to tape Ged\'s amazing jumping-dancing bass play !


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