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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: JS REMASTER: JSR R-029-44
Source: Audience Master
Date: September 14, 2007
Location: Colisee Pepsi, Quebec City, Canada

b311b4e6141a2032fce4f21b155b1197 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t01.flac
0e16612180988cf28d75199186b45119 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t02.flac
0a1287266de0d648ad41642b14e0a73f *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t03.flac
aaaddd45fb87178fedb123bb99ef9dc4 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t04.flac
b3b3ba17934de3cdd332b7db9342d51b *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t05.flac
24126a50ca08d5d57422f37cee3fd486 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t06.flac
1c86b9dff21258a5ed1295665a70c3ba *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t07.flac
6aa0ec40d82d8becc1e060c1d27689f3 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t08.flac
2e23b79e8498407500ca78e15796cabd *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t09.flac
274231a381e4d47766b060d9b27155c3 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t10.flac
14ca02c37265987de9451b943958a40a *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t11.flac
439f98a5800487ad316e4c7e85278f20 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d1t12.flac
85a027ffc00b3e8348c5694bdcbb28ef *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t01.flac
33d955956eb3fd0a06e590c8f3c74889 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t02.flac
2588a7f0b58621769ba12d8e4e80bd87 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t03.flac
89ee4187e0a5b98f1b276f90433e3963 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t04.flac
1ade4147f077db358276084b954014f8 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t05.flac
d91a7faa288f7f998ee60d8f8281680a *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t06.flac
f94202c9b6e2aa859083709e1de76c8c *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t07.flac
867d8ec9f77d9787307d978205138f24 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t08.flac
a9c3bc833e7113c6377d10662350db4f *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t09.flac
54b6b5b6ffb877a222feb3ec91a99abf *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t10.flac
03cd8d74ef3a71931fdbd431eda7a7d5 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t11.flac
1e284347c9badbd2e1fcaf85fbc7094f *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d2t12.flac
09b9f702785cc5f45a8df6ef14f22adb *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d3t01.flac
782cfb1f1f0f75edc01734904cf91230 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d3t02.flac
2689b7e1170717b5414a295fa6307a51 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d3t03.flac
fdc1de3258c357e8066c7d71955c9dc5 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d3t04.flac
4ce2a37b9eecabeda6660a6f9587933b *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d3t05.flac
ecd178b7507b3eae627780afac44e086 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_d3t06.flac
a46ddb7d70d538be224da79eafa42da0 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_fat-back1.jpg
a9c7dfcf1d022ac7aeb0331553ad8536 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_fat-back2.jpg
1118f6a990966f23a9f153c83a25c706 *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_fat-front1.jpg
aab7ba84e87930a551c6f447de11838f *rush2007-09-14_ALCtY_pt1_fat-front2.jpg

rush2007 09 14 ALCtY pt1 fat back1.jpg
rush2007 09 14 ALCtY pt1 fat back2.jpg
rush2007 09 14 ALCtY pt1 fat front1.jpg
rush2007 09 14 ALCtY pt1 fat front2.jpg

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Production Notes

15 CDRs and 1 DVDR box set

>> Audio <<
Source: Sony ECM-717 > Sony D-100 (48KHz)
Transfer: Sony D-100 > Creative SBDMUSX (optical in) > HDD
Remaster: .wav > CEP, SoundStudio, Peak (basic edit, repair & slight EQ) > CDWave > tracks (> Flac Level 8)

Hello everyone, I'm the_sphere (Jun'ya) from Japan. This is the recordings of my 3rd time visit to Canada and includes all Eastern Canada shows except for the first London, ON concert. Also do not includes MSG, NYC concert on Sep. 17th. The recordings were done with the same rig with my previous recordings released as "Horizon to Horizon" and "Keep on Riding" sets so the sound qualities are similar with them and as usual, this recordings ALSO contains lots of unofficial chorus and screamings generated by my mouth :-D So please pass up if you do not like such kind of audience recordings. Sorry !

Then, this time I did video taping a bit. Montreal and Toronto 2nd concert videos are just a crappy segments but you could watch the entire BtW and the first 30 mins of the 2nd set, aka the most exciting part of the set list for this tour (oops it's my own impression) from Sep. 19, Toronto 1st show. This is my 1st ever video taping and has lots of flaws like unstable camera angle, rocking view (sorry I moved with the beat) etc etc. I just realized how the video taping is difficult ! And also knew the video taping guys have STRONG IRON HEART for sure. I was sooo nerveous while video taping and got stomachache really. Maybe I never do another video taping (long ones)... it's too much to do audio taping and taking pictures !!

*** Remaster note ***

The sound quality for all 5 recordings are pretty good. But to make them more enjoyable recordings, lift the middle range a bit (for all recordings - it's typical pattern of ecm717) and cut the bottom end for Ottawa recording... there was sub-woofar speaker in front of my seat ! And I reduced the volume of firecracker sound to about 40-50% because when normalize entire volume with non-treated firecracker sound, the main band sound gets pretty low. So, the final remaster sound do not reflect the actual dynamic range but it makes mush easier listening. Also, compressed some craps, screamings and mic touch noise at the beginning and the ending of the recordings.

* Part 1: Sep. 14, 2007 Colisee Pepsi, Quebec City, PQ

About 13 hours flight from Japan, we got to Toronto Airport at afternoon 13rd (mm..I believe I left Japan at early evening of *13th*...just weird time-traveling :-D) and then transit to domestic airline and got to Quebec at late evening. phew, so tired...but it's necessary to be a little closer to you... On the next day, we met Quebec Rush fan Peter (hi Peter!) and took a drive to Orlean Island and chute Montmorancy by his car (thanks !). Then head to the venue and got there about 2 hours before the door open. This was the first S&A show for me and my girlfriend. We sat on the 12th row center seats and it was great view. In 2002, I came here and experienced REALLY hot audience so expected to another hot concert. And Quebecois respond to my expectation ! The crowd cheering vibrate the venue and it's almost the earthquake ! Awesome atmosphere. The great audience response continued to the end of the concert and it was THE BEST AUDIENCE I have ever seen. Listen to Natural Science ! Totally awesome. The performance was not so excellent, though. It's so off-killer mistake at the intro of Freewill, TMMB, A&S and some guitar solos... It seemed Al got tired or something, I thought. And I was disappointed about the smaller fire. OLV fire is pretty small, and there was no pyro at the intro for Witch Hunt. The fabulous crowd beats band sound sometimes so this recording do not suit to listen to the band performance *only* but it's really exciting to know how Quebecois audience is amazing I believe. Sound quality is solid B+ or maybe A-. Then there're a couple of flaws at the beginning of Limelight because I touched rec. vol. knob for looking for the best setting. Sorry.


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