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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 2:45:39
Catalog: HMV: 025
Source: Audience Master - IRiver H320 Rockbox
Date: October 19, 2007
Location: Könispilsner Arena, Oberhausen, Germany

Intro   2:48
Limelight   4:37
Digital Man   6:55
Entre Nous   5:33
Mission   5:40
Freewill   6:15
The Main Monkey Business   6:10
The Larger Bowl   4:54
Secret Touch   8:00
Circumstances   3:55
Between the Wheels   6:05
Dreamline   5:34

Intro   3:39
Far Cry   5:25
Working them Angels   4:51
Armor and Sword   6:39
Spindrift   5:50
The Way the Wind Blows   6:32
Subdivisions   6:46
Natural Science   8:34
Witch Hunt   4:58
Maligant Narcissim   2:12
Drum Solo   8:21
Hope   2:06

Distant Early Warning   4:58
The Spirit of Radio   5:14
Tom Sawyer   7:39
One Little Victory   5:32
A Passage to Bankok   3:57
YYZ   4:37
Outro   1:23

2db4d78efa99dcc3fa8b78078d4ce762 *d1t01-Intro.shn
d3de2de8281dc09f2a8e09cd8feb3104 *d1t02-Limelight.shn
43d25c54095e00c7af8f9d08973b2bfd *d1t03-Digital Man.shn
ba85f231c3b1c4d893abb7b1dd503a9f *d1t04-Entre Nous.shn
b68bd769e1dd2a372cc8b79226f196b9 *d1t05-Mission.shn
7d7d8021e0bd74e0f2df0a42a9cde94f *d1t06-Freewill.shn
4b39ea2e68b27b635aeaacdde2a4c946 *d1t07-The main monkey busines.shn
32fd15c4fc36bb7ec96ee080c8d89a1d *d1t08-The larger Bowl.shn
2b72f42ca84cc5326404667f870eddfb *d1t09-Secret Touch.shn
73ca2c4043e5ea0b25afcc3eca166e08 *d1t10-Circumstances.shn
6b306ae7a58727153fdd2467bb403b22 *d1t11-Between the wheels.shn
ebce3d29cc6727e154642636689e4f60 *d1t12-Dreamline.shn
616c4ff5b8bdde34bdff5d71935dfda3 *d2t01-Intro.shn
ce1ed4fbced5c42280c6f2b1a14c4e5f *d2t02-Far Cry.shn
af2b27434da78ada812795cc26a11e3e *d2t03-Working them Angels.shn
238b553ae183c38d5be44ee337fac344 *d2t04-Armor and sword.shn
9b62e00ae3fb97e1b2118bf647e70a69 *d2t05-Spindrift.shn
972002a8cd27b03bc12aa7646d7ba272 *d2t06-The way the wind blows.shn
e9cc1a308a41451e4e7d45f22006d352 *d2t07-Subdivisions.shn
b394c961787850894f11df3f8c9179e5 *d2t08-Natural science.shn
181e1661cde0245c5c070a4a5ccefefd *d2t09-Witch Hunt.shn
936b3c5bc8dfb0b5936bc3433174a0e1 *d2t10-Maligant Narcissism.shn
6cc1d2135ea2d1b23496951924d2b72d *d2t11-Drum Solo.shn
35b3aba5778b70967609411139d8573f *d2t12-Hope.shn
245f5175dba9ac4e6f85f7d3f4e9eb04 *d3t01-Distant early warning.shn
0a62cf3d392ebc06d97fbdc03715dbcb *d3t02-The spirit of radio.shn
e62ee16962df26c29d5c2eeb3ccb294b *d3t03-Tom Sawyer.shn
580a0c54385b5ca17477ac9d64059cd9 *d3t04-One little victory.shn
97c9e0089e4d0341c409267a7615ef38 *d3t05-A passage to Bankok.shn
aa0aa64111956f92b71f83c99c559ec4 *d3t06-YYZ.shn
13a051b0a9c8abecc50a010967fd956b *d3t07-Outro.shn

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Production Notes

Only my friends around me and 2 annoyings guys which allready knows the bands members first names as you my hear during the recording. I was really impressed by this guys knowledge. Hail to you. Great show with alot of Fun onstage as was shown on the screens. Also a great Aftershow meetup with friends from the US who saw the band in the UK and Rotterdam before, this was the best European show so far. As I expected the sounds was brilliant, so the raw file came out very good. Just a little Bass reducing and slight lifting the hihgs with Wavelab, then normalizing the in Cooledit.    (2007-11-01)

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