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Media: 3 CD Audio
Time: 2:45:00
Catalog: Stereo Ponytails Productions: SPP Rush 01
Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Battery Box > Sony MZ-NH1
Date: October 12, 2007
Location: NEC, Birmingham, UK

Intro   2:41
Limelight   4:41
Digital Man   6:58
Entre Nous   5:28
Mission   5:41
Freewill   5:57
The Main Monkey Business   6:25
The Larger Bowl   4:55
Secret Touch   7:52
Circumstances   4:05
Between the Wheels   6:09
Dreamline   5:31

Intro   2:43
Far Cry   5:28
Working Them Angels   4:50
Armour and Sword   6:39
Spindrift   5:49
The Way the Wind Blows   6:34
Subdivisions   5:54
Ged Gab, Eh?   0:56
Natural Science   8:38
Witch Hunt   4:55
Malignant Narcissism   2:19
Drum Solo   8:23
Hope   2:07

Distant Early Warning   4:56
The Spirit of Radio   5:10
Tom Sawyer   7:42
One Little Victory   5:31
A Passage to Bangkok   3:56
YYZ   5:52

b6c4dd2747052f85f3fbdde0f69af962 *Rush - Snakes in the Henhouse - Birmingham, NEC.txt
7b0ee93ea0e92706d52a51e702e5d4f5 *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t01_Intro.flac
7b87bb5d0a48f21501fa1b34a8ae2b62 *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t02_Limelight.flac
eadb1d3432b9a4de9e37a08e500c6f8d *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t03_DM.flac
4fdfb5dcc83d91ad7bfaa680f3dfe158 *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t04_EN.flac
d8bce53b5ecdf8a77fc0a6cf47349fc7 *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t05_Mission.flac
12150f93b413dde3c220bbb2c1d53c27 *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t06_FW.flac
3c94f6a08397aeee456945c0ad7967fc *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t07_TMMB.flac
3f4590dcd30e399ba0eb220ff7da333a *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t08_TLB.flac
c754172300df41144b28f2f83ff0d510 *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t09_ST.flac
e2389fbc16ea96d46b18f9693bc866e4 *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t10_Circs.flac
8426119dc543bea5a8422c5ab7fe3ab4 *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t11_BTW.flac
ec1875a87a66111af45583cf8796789c *Disc 1\2007-10-12_NEC_d1t12_DL.flac
6ac524922791263d3438297347d7916e *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t01_Intro.flac
9d63b2be6e492febfa680dcdc478053e *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t02_FC.flac
e06d516b42ce7bc7c780b6b46d4c7ad9 *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t03_WTA.flac
17c36e6a0928bfe1aea75d3f8e6ef14a *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t04_AandS.flac
92e53d537f6d4381850f28ae3accd10d *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t05_SD.flac
d6126b694bb0549f42cf34e612e6e2f5 *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t06_TWTWB.flac
450a498a196356453a202b52a8690cb9 *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t07_Subs.flac
acea27e7e29c3d6640f6cf0461181710 *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t08_Gedgab.flac
f2c4d39625ef3e1de334931f6e4f268e *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t09_NS.flac
17491abab4b5c892e5354deb59406ad3 *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t10_WH.flac
867a87ced90d3e187d702038d88e2178 *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t11_MalNar.flac
519f502022b64ed8cc2e46703262e780 *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t12_DrumSolo.flac
759f2fb6cda0912855dc4d3c021cb910 *Disc 2\2007-10-12_NEC_d2t13_Hope.flac
29a9255fed4b0198d94745f8fe33f449 *Disc 3\2007-10-12_NEC_d3t01_DEW.flac
83522d1d0d8a48db8fc04686ba31020b *Disc 3\2007-10-12_NEC_d3t02_TSOR.flac
5e59b6e0c1dd15bdb7977e96d710d5c5 *Disc 3\2007-10-12_NEC_d3t03_TS.flac
56a37def1d047049de8cae994a354fef *Disc 3\2007-10-12_NEC_d3t04_OLV.flac
036eecf021eadea00f35c3695779d191 *Disc 3\2007-10-12_NEC_d3t05_APTB.flac
09b3b4f39ea505de0c6622fb2115a4d0 *Disc 3\2007-10-12_NEC_d3t06_YYZ.flac

SITH back.jpg
SITH front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

   (Audio - 8.5)

Taper/production notes:

Recorded in Row 2 of Block 16. I had a great view of Alex from this side and more important, a clear audio line to the PA stacks stage right. This coupled with a nearly comatose audience at the NEC means crowd noise is at very acceptable levels. I don't like rating my own recordings however I have rated this one 8.5. I love the sound of this recording, but not given a 9 or more because there is some phasing during the harder tracks. This is because I just couldn't stop myself from rocking out - think lots of ass wiggling and air guitar bass and drums and 'hand horns' and you get the picture. During the start of Natural Science a concert official tapped me on the shoulder and what I heard her say (in a Canadian accent) 'I see you're LOGGING the show.' I thought, 'Oh crap, I've been caught!' But she handed me a soft parcel and said, 'Please, enjoy!' and walked away. I opened the parcel and found a henhouse t-shirt!!! What she had actually said was, 'I see you're LOVING the show, please, enjoy!' and this is captured quite nicely on my recording at the very beginning of Natural Science.



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