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Cincinnati 2007 (Jerry B)


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: September 01, 2007
Location: Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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13c7cf45e40ee1fa2dfdbad8dbef96d2 *Rush 2007-09-01  J. Ralph Corbett Pavilion Riverbend Cincinnati OH.shntool.txt
b0353a0becc33d776ced037e16692711 *Rush 2007-09-01  J. Ralph Corbett Pavilion Riverbend Cincinnati OH.txt
4a2d1b40c07def999e36508a3578bbcc *Disc 1\D1Track01 Video Intro.flac
98b5123094cbb51db1a405318d45206b *Disc 1\D1Track02 Limelight.flac
d679b0dd9db7a3e74ee82525d5dd8087 *Disc 1\D1Track03 Digital Man.flac
1777e0051dcc5d7d6b13f6bd51fced7f *Disc 1\D1Track04 Entre Nous.flac
4e207b9e38925387000bd8799e4889e1 *Disc 1\D1Track05 Mission.flac
e86a5d1325afaf2930a5d7bd827d9b83 *Disc 1\D1Track06 Freewill.flac
bccacc8ea7712225101e3b5cfb3ad845 *Disc 1\D1Track07 The Main Monkey Business.flac
bc32147113741e5cc329b8b2e9f4fb2b *Disc 1\D1Track08 The Larger Bowl.flac
a3c0bbf85a7f72cf9524683a8fb9e23e *Disc 1\D1Track09 Secret Touch.flac
4d001661ac9ca819cf72e7fb145e3ea7 *Disc 1\D1Track10 Circumstances.flac
1fdb17eb692ec5cbe0157fb2b545bb34 *Disc 1\D1Track11 Between The Wheels.flac
bfd1ccca56cfaecec1330a0c013555e3 *Disc 1\D1Track12 Dreamline.flac
3f13431460e4ab686eeb413b13df182a *Disc 1\D1Track13 Intermission.flac
bd8227a5cb8c156b8dc5714e0a49bb52 *Disc 2\D2Track01 Video Intro.flac
b03670e6a387938cf5148eef4c006d6e *Disc 2\D2Track02 Far Cry.flac
3da56f7aa17727cf3029488304bfca3d *Disc 2\D2Track03 Workin' Them Angels.flac
d9533a4d57ece9946c9df26eb37b859a *Disc 2\D2Track04 Armor And Sword.flac
421c39f30634e12be95bd188f3bcdf0f *Disc 2\D2Track05 Spindrift.flac
1ff3db67929a771b4079e2b9fb8a6d6e *Disc 2\D2Track06 The Way The Wind Blows.flac
8b8922a4ed9e16e01c9c3201f00017c9 *Disc 2\D2Track07 Subdivisions.flac
daa2bb4ef92f0727fccf3d99df27f4b9 *Disc 2\D2Track08 Natural Science.flac
123ebeb7dd45a8885f523246e90a2a07 *Disc 2\D2Track09 Witch Hunt.flac
b018dfaecb22343c912f3fd7023246a6 *Disc 2\D2Track10 Malignant Narcissism.flac
216f03b33441b2e6705f55f3d3699229 *Disc 2\D2Track11 Neil Peart's Drum Solo.flac
85e7fe277f7ebc8e17e09775b858a202 *Disc 2\D2Track12 Hope.flac
e6747c0ed47441e28737404cd8509c12 *Disc 3\D3Track01 Distant Early Warning.flac
c46b582b98bbc1b73d42645e409eee1c *Disc 3\D3Track02 The Spirit Of Radio.flac
2db0ada4d5989058f50a6154ed60607b *Disc 3\D3Track03 Tom Sawyer.flac
3a636ce7543c35d2e55a3f2998d8414b *Disc 3\D3Track04 Audience.flac
08495ce462a012e9d0ffacf3e40a6143 *Disc 3\D3Track05 One Little Victory.flac
5e1382eb49994a604208637706940d43 *Disc 3\D3Track06 A Passage to Bangkok.flac
214a647f9851f5da8ff178be013c6d3f *Disc 3\D3Track07 YYZ.flac
277cec45f26837664ce469cde9540689 *Disc 3\D3Track08 Video Outro.flac

Cincinnati 2007 Back.jpg
Cincinnati 2007 Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

   (Audio - 8)

I was at this show, and also the next night in Columbus, Ohio. The boys were doing a great show this night as usual. Regarding the recording, fairly good balance, and all the instruments and vocals are heard pretty well. It does sound like it was recorded from back on the lawn and is a bit distant sounding. Also there is a fair amt of crowd noise, some talking, one girl yells something to her friend Daniel during the acoustic beginning of Natural Science. Also some singing along with parts can be heard as well. But overall not to bad of an audience recording from the lawn. If you turn it up and close your eyes it sounds like you are there, even if at times you want to tell the people around you to be quiet and enjoy the show. But again overall pretty good sounding show. And hey, I was there, so I'm sure some of those occasional screams may have even been me. This is my 1st review, so I hope it was helpful. Lerxst123:)   (2008-01-30)

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