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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-096
Source: Analog (1st gen)
Date: June 09, 1992
Location: Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Force Ten   5.27
Limelight   4.19
Freewill   5.39
Distant Early Warning   4.23
Time Stand Still   5.56
Dreamline   4.59
Bravado   6.33
Roll the Bones   7.03
Show Don't Tell   5.19
The Big Money   6.12
Ghost of a Chance   5.28
Vital Signs   4.43
The Analog Kid   5.17

The Trees   5.05
Where's My Thing?   5.25
The Rhythm Method   7.22
Closer to the Heart   4.41
Xanadu   6.33
Superconductor   5.36
Tom Sawyer   5.15
The Spirit of Radio   4.50
Medley   13.16

Disc 1
8d2017531b854c66e943bbcdef1e322a *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T01.shn
b02a6768c432303ff80009f2491a40ee *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T02.shn
d779f163c1f30270666cfc7c8be2e373 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T03.shn
30913be05c889a8139ebd650bfbd1614 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T04.shn
4d1ad274018db4a7d719829d8f8e3903 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T05.shn
8cf3fe06ca7755d90e723c1dd5710b69 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T06.shn
39e4db11a877d28b18e3cbdd791775ab *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T07.shn
75aa2e8933c02c9fc0be59397c5b82c8 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T08.shn
e273e58fd001847fcf199460bdbae8c6 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T09.shn
d6edf5618c19aec13a8b9991bb98d31b *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T10.shn
d993b49566afbcd19361fcedda361e23 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T11.shn
99751c10769427c1d0fea8362bb56bbc *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T12.shn
1d3428f505e55c8a3a6b0e58f04e9507 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D1T13.shn

Disc 2
6604065cb420cb7cab898d5716ea05f5 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T01.shn
b3ea0cd804f27116009ce04057961d7b *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T02.shn
b0ba45f161cfb8e77520923568644378 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T03.shn
b5a6530fb1a44f8ec614c0d3204228c3 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T04.shn
05eea443d427f5a4aaf17c31420861f1 *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T05.shn
e3bebee108ba7bb92e3e1d5f7e16072d *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T06.shn
879bd3e5800fc3b0bb80f4a51c534f0a *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T07.shn
d67d872e1545a402d0d2f748bd7b1a6b *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T08.shn
49b85f2b3bf148413078db8a9b94d99f *1992_06_09_Rush_SanSer_D2T09.shn

1992 06 09 Rush SanSer Back.jpg
1992 06 09 Rush SanSer Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

Simple Man Productions
   (Audio - 7)

Production Notes

A decent show from a rare stop in New Mexico.  All in all a nice show but there were several tapes flips, a few fades, the mics did clip some in a few spots and there is a distinct lack of low end however the set list more than makes up for the flaws. A favorite of mine has to be Bravado and the medley.  Man I love the medley from this era!  Alex in particular really seemed to be having fun and Geddy introduces his brand of humor in several instances.  All in in all, a worthy addition to a collectors stable.

Great thanks go out to Neph for the artwork and John for the source.  Thanks guys!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording,  support the artists and purchase their official releases! Released on The Alien Shore -  As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.


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