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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 2:43:10
Catalog: None: Zen023-001
Source: Audience Mini-Disc Master
Date: October 09, 2007
Location: Wembley Arena, London, UK

Intro   2:27
Limelight   4:25
Digital Man   7:02
Entre Nous   5:39
Mission   5:38
Freewill   6:10
The Main Monkey Business   6:12
The Larger Bowl   4:52
Secret Touch   7:56
Circumstances   3:52
Between The Wheels   6:08
Dreamline   5:35

Intro   2:39
Far Cry   5:24
Workin' Them Angels   4:51
Armour and Sword   6:39
Spindrift   5:48
The Way The Wind Blows   6:34
Subdivisions   6:52
Natural Science   8:33
Witch Hunt   4:51

Malignant Narcissism   2:17
Drum Solo   8:11
Hope   2:15
Distant Early Warning   4:55
The Spirit Of Radio   5:13
Tom Sawyer   6:18
One Little Victory   6:01
A Passage To Bangkok   3:54
YYZ   5:04
Outro   0:42

D101 Intro.flac:eee5039543339e19fdd7a170319c2cb0
D102 Limelight.flac:708e956f7ea2f765a91fc3a58e8d52e3
D103 Digital Man.flac:7f11e2784b540955fe7f50d175ae8120
D104 Entre Nous.flac:50621cddcd2175b9f8521bdda2959aa1
D105 Mission.flac:d70b147d1c554566c7c52ceaae49029e
D106 Freewill.flac:2adcf1d8edf7e5dac6ecfd5cbf1dd6fd
D107 The Main Monkey Business.flac:68e4eb7238e6fb83001059c72c5c003c
D108 The Larger Bowl.flac:439f212d18823c73f391b74705b773f0
D109 Secret Touch.flac:f222f788c46f0a0281a22f74e5c46c8a
D110 Circumstances.flac:520a4f6033993dd8b7ad2cd0e130046d
D111 Between The Wheels.flac:84574f9469710c06bda825baeaa6e647
D112 Dreamline.flac:960e2db805f909cad2f775511806a018
D201 Intro.flac:31e0f213d683996833b6ebe3801684df
D202 Far Cry.flac:a3315d5a73a83e81f4c48c8d95392600
D203 Workin' Them Angels.flac:7c5ee13d530a3a8477b599ebe04dd3d8
D204 Armour and Sword.flac:adf8cb5200703111554a71aca5b36d03
D205 Spindrift.flac:ef83b4eb0a0298dcb02dd272874c4c75
D206 The Way The Wind Blows.flac:84d045d0477060958c322050c63a01f7
D207 Subdivisions.flac:20af5a9794e0d8b2476bb5f16091e044
D208 Natural Science.flac:4595340fa63be39f7a9d93a80a6d6f9f
D209 Witch Hunt.flac:86f9bd44d028e55ab9845206ad29c292
D301 Malignant Narcissism.flac:153c543c60181ef16dc355e59e6ae06f
D302 Drum Solo.flac:7462a1d464a03fae37d421794324023a
D303 Hope.flac:44d3519318c46d5ac8420a754fbad143
D304 Distant Early Warning.flac:ec14611b39d4254016043b1ce294f447
D305 The Spirit Of Radio.flac:72b41cb3144d233741c82758ccd9cb08
D306 Tom Sawyer.flac:b2d55f27baae0230a685671a5f69ca5c
D307 One Little Victory.flac:a75fc071a5cf3afda10132d6ce7402bd
D308 A Passage To Bancock.flac:3efb753d0ba2b4da06b8fa351f619427
D309 YYZ.flac:435c8d61f5f38963a1c4a60b5f7e83b8
D310 Outro.flac:d9437a25e3ff75918c0d8fad31151ec6

Rush 2007 10 09 Behind Iron Gates Back.jpg
Rush 2007 10 09 Behind Iron Gates Front.jpg
Rush 2007 10 09 Behind Iron Gates Slimline.jpg
Rush 2007 10 09 Behind Iron Gates Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.666666666666666

   (Audio - 9.5)

sounds like Wembley Arena perhaps doesn't have the best acoustics as the vocals reverberate a bit at times. however, i have real high regard for this particular S&A show because Alex seems to be more prominent in the mix than in some of the stateside ROIO offerings. and did i fawn and gush over the wall of synth sound and the resonance of the bass pedals? my wife just asked me to turn this down. F- that. ok, so i've got the headphones on now. Mission 2007, now with at least 18% more bottom end. i think i'm gonna weep openly. it's a change of seasons, DEW is your friend. there are virtually NO talkers on this recording (oh joy!) it's so nice to hear a S&A boot where Natural Science [I. Tide Pools] and Hope aren't marred with Chatty Cathys. likewise, the crowd is attentive for the S&A material as well. overall a decent mix but could use a little EQ and tends to get swishy at high volume... drums are way out in front but not painfully so... this is hands-down among the finest recordings of the tour.    (2007-10-16)

Taper's Notes by Zenith023

Lineage: Sony MZ-NH600 w/Sony ECM - 719 (Mic) > SonicStage 4.3 > WAV > Audacity 1.2.6 > WAV > TLH > FLAC This was my first Rush show, and my first time taping at Wembley Arena. I'd been put off in the past due to pretty tight security checks, but I decided quite late in the day that I would try and get my gear in and record the show. I'm very glad I did. The secruity were the most relaxed I've ever experienced at the Arena and I got my gear in without any problems. I'm also very glad that I checked the start and end times of the previous shows! I would have been kicking myself if I had missed the early (7:45pm) start! Also, it meant that I was prepared with an extra Hi-MD disc (three in total) instead of the usual two. Our seats were off to the side of the stage (Block: N9, Row: V Seat: 99), the second from top row. The top row was empty however, so I decided just before the band took the stage to move to the very back row to get the most elevated position. This turned out to be a good move! the people who I had previously been sat next to stayed seated for the whole concert, and being stood up in my new, elevated position meant that I was well clear of any unwanted crowd noise. Other than our view of the middle screen being slightly obstructed by one of the speaker stacks, I was very happy with where we were, and the decision to move is reflected in a good, clear recording. I was caught slightly off guard by the start, but there is nothing substantial missing from the intro video. I made a tape and battery change during the interval (I put a new battery in before the show, but I was a little worried that it had dropped to one bar, so I decided to play it safe) and a second disc change during the encore break. All of the songs are complete, but there is a fade out/fade in at the encore break during Disc 3 between 'Tom Sawyer' and 'One Little Victory'. The show was originally released on dimeadozen on October 14th, 2007. This torrent was subsiquently removed (by my request) due to the show containing sector boundary errors. The files were re-FLAC'd, the SBE's repaired and new MD5 files generated with Traders Little Helper and a new, fixed version was uploaded on October 16th, 2007. The release also includes orginal artwork created by me. The name 'Behind Iron Gates' was taken from a line in the song 'The Larger Bowl' in part. It's also a memory I associate with Wembley Arena, before it was refurbished, by where there were large metal gates and fences enclosing the area where the tour buses parked, which we used to have to walk past to get to the venue. The name just seemed to fit. I'm very pleased with how this recording turned out. There's a fair amount of reverb, and it sounds a little distant at times, but that just adds to the authenticity of the sound on the night. It's very clear however, and easily listenable - I'd rate it (quite critically) at around 7/7.5 I hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as I enjoyed attending, taping and editing it.    (2007-10-17)

   (Audio - 8.5)

i was really high when i first reviewed this one (all that dank medical NorCal herb)... it's still a damn fine recording but not nearly a 9.5 (i was grading it on the early ATL review scale). but hey, it's still in the top 5 audio boots of the S&A tour!    (2007-10-21)

D Williams
   (Audio - 8)

Brilliant bootleg IMO. enjoyed the night immensely, and this brings it all back! there's nothing to complaing about really- this bootleg is definatly one of the best. good crowd, lovely silence during Hope and beginning of NS. Plus some crowd singing in YYZ! plus my high pitched squeals between songs. all great! highly reccomend it. ;)   (2007-12-12)

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