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Media: 2 CD Audio
Catalog: Nickeh Productions: 078
Source: AUD
Date: May 07, 1990
Location: Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Force 10   03:36
Freewill   04:01
Distant Early Warning   04:21
Time Stand Still   05:26
Marathon   07:24
Red Barchetta   06:59
Superconductor   05:20
Show Don't Tell   06:18
The Pass   05:10
Closer to the Heart   04:57
Manhattan Project   05:09

Xanadu   06:46
YYZ/Drum Solo   08:22
Scars   04:49
War Paint   05:43
Mission   05:30
Tom Sawyer   06:24
The Spirit of Radio   05:00
2112   03:23
La Villa Strangiato   04:54
In the Mood   03:10

b5b5aa870d246c35d8583543e776b212 *rush1990-05-07.txt
ed9244062fc5263100a7ce1d4646e967 *rush1990-05-07b.jpg
75538e2fb97fa7db6e80941d61580320 *rush1990-05-07f.jpg
065ba87a112619632ecbbe6324a6eea4 *Disc One\D1T01 - Force 10.flac
cb9e94bf8a4753623e666331e09f1fd6 *Disc One\D1T02 - Freewill.flac
7c35c54c2ce7582f2e3951ce141abca9 *Disc One\D1T03 - Distant Early Warning.flac
f96d518ff0b42305c26a4735d83a9872 *Disc One\D1T04 - Time Stand Still.flac
457edd10f5b06da8bb4d3e26f1ab5add *Disc One\D1T05 - Marathon.flac
ed42a3bba9ce4aaa813b96350e9ceb0a *Disc One\D1T06 - Red Barchetta.flac
e919a2ccef1e0c4d8cdfcc987aba9ab6 *Disc One\D1T07 - Superconductor.flac
df047c4421cf7c6dfc096b125e42e65d *Disc One\D1T08 - Show Don't Tell.flac
743e64671ffb24cbc9d758a39d3d7a02 *Disc One\D1T09 - The Pass.flac
7dae98d1d12f3096d51be01a54ef32a4 *Disc One\D1T10 - Closer to the Heart.flac
a7299596a22617d5e7f076235c7eec93 *Disc One\D1T11 - Manhattan Project.flac
b02adf9ba23d5905527079fa6e8c4893 *Disc Two\D2T01 - Xanadu.flac
8b6c4d8f22918a16557906bf81ab29d7 *Disc Two\D2T02 - YYZ.flac
5ecc9daa1d67916faa84648ae4e2f4d4 *Disc Two\D2T03 - Scars.flac
8e0acfec99c1fd14e98ee5a2e7da37f2 *Disc Two\D2T04 - War Paint.flac
a9486d2ae2c83d013c1d8b63b6270d6e *Disc Two\D2T05 - Mission.flac
4ad6421f7aced35cc5c722db0b1d0219 *Disc Two\D2T06 - Tom Sawyer.flac
27da919505790c87b7bf7a074d813e6f *Disc Two\D2T07 - The Spirit of Radio.flac
4f109824db0cca6942ea69c4f6d1a3a8 *Disc Two\D2T08 - 2112.flac
e62e93abe7dd7995562eb683b0e35167 *Disc Two\D2T09 - La Villa Strangiato.flac
136f520f538b55cb3657473ec7a7cd72 *Disc Two\D2T10 - In the Mood.flac

rush1990 05 07b.jpg
rush1990 05 07f.jpg

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Lineage: Radio Shack Recorder w/ Built in Mics > Maxell XL ll Cas > Sony TC WE305 Cas Deck > AudioSource EQ 100 equalizer > CDR775 Audio CD Recorder (TAC) > Audio CD > Hiss Reduction w/ CEP > Track Split w/ CEP > Gap elimination with CEP > Other Editing > FLAC using TLH

First of all, a big thanks to TAC for taping this show! This will be the first time the master cassette of this show has been transferred to CD and released, enjoy! There are cuts between and in several of the tracks.

Thanks to Nephronic for makign the wonderful artwork for this release.

Please do not sell this show or convert to lossy formats.

Nickeh (


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